Scheduling Social Media Content Using KAWO
April 1, 2015 |

Many  factors can determine social media success, but in an atmosphere dominated and propelled by near real-time content, time and timing easily separate themselves as the most valuable prongs of social media strategy.

The time when content is posted can be highly influential, which is why KAWO’s scheduling feature is engineered to help you reliably publish content at a selected date and time.

Time Zone Consistency

One of the toughest challenges international brands face when entering China is the time zone difference. Likewise, if you’re an agency representing foreign clients, it can be difficult to communicate when certain posts are going to be published, since China can be hours, or even days, ahead.

To preemptively resolve this potential conflict, KAWO displays dates in China time (UTC +08:00) regardless of what country the user is in. This way, post schedules can be set and communicated about with no confusion.

Better Preparation


Scheduling is highly useful for brands with time sensitive content. KAWO is the publishing tool used by many sport brands for their China presence, and the time difference can be particularly unforgiving for some matches/events. With matches sometimes starting at 4:00AM in China, KAWO makes the process of live-covering these events much more manageable, letting you plan and schedule a majority of pre-match coverage during the day. KAWO scheduling even lets users schedule content weeks in advance of publication.

Intervals Are Important


Most people who use social media know that there is one very simple rule: don’t publish too frequently. Overbearing users with content is a surefire way to clog up timelines and annoy your followers.

KAWO’s scheduling empowers users to set up multiple posts at a time, while scheduling them for publishing at different times throughout the day.

This is essential for certain agencies, who may need to post multiple times a day on hundreds of client accounts. KAWO’s scheduling allows a user to focus on one client at a time, curating an entire days content for an account at once, while still setting appropriate posting intervals.

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