Minor  Thu 23 Sep

Version 25.2

  • Updated WeChat post preview to more accurately display the post. Especially for Subscription Official Accounts. 
  • Added ability to export WeChat Posts as an image.
  • We’ve fixed KAWO URLs in the export spreadsheet for unusual organization names.
  • Tags with no posts/articles will no longer affect another tags performance.
  • Other optimizations. 

Patch  Tue 14 Sep

Version 25.1.3

  • Show exact total numbers for stat tiles & timeline on reporting.
  • We’ve fixed article in phone preview not updating after saving article. 
  • We’ve fixed a bug with switching networks in search. 🐛
  • Improved paid social description field for multiple lines.
  • We’ve fixed a bug with cover images in the WeChat Post Gallery.🐛

Patch  Fri 10 Sep

Version 25.1.2

  • We’ve improved UI for the auto-translate function.
  • We’ve fixed a bug with editing tag category.🐛
Minor  Thu 9 Sep

Version 25.1

  • You can now export an image of the phone preview for Weibo, Douyin, and Kuaishou posts.
  • We’ve fixed “br” appearing in QR Code response messages.
  • We’ve fixed a bug with numbers displaying in the post stat charts. 

Patch  Tue 31 Aug

Version 24.0.4

  • We’ve fixed a new bug with Rich Text Editor.
Major  Thu 26 Aug

V24 Rich Formatting for Notes

    li>We’ve added a Rich Text Editor for internal notes in Editor & “”events”” in Calendar.
  • Selecting post schedule date has been moved into the Edit tab.
  • Selecting post tags have been moved into the Meta tab.
Patch  Thu 26 Aug

Version 24.0.3

    li>We’ve fixed a bug with the Rich Text Editor.
Minor  Mon 2 Aug

Version 23.5

  • Users can now add Weibo shop links in KAWO’s Weibo editor.
  • Users can now insert WeChat back-end video via KAWO WeChat editor.
  • KAWO’s trackable QR code allows you to see follower retention rate and demographic stats.
  • We’ve updated the weekly reports archive to accurately match the weekly emails.