The Power of KAWO in your pitch deck

Everything you need to explain the value of KAWO to your clients.

General Setup

General setup allows you to select your brand's name. If you want to receive weekly reports and require approval on each scheduled post, it can be also done here.

Weibo Setup

Connect your Weibo account and set your daily posting goals.

WeChat Setup

Connect your Service or Subscription WeChat account and set up the weekly posting schedule.

Global Sources

In Global Sources tab you can add as many Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts you can draw inspiration from as you want. All the sources will be displayed on the inspiration board. By adding western social network accounts of your brand you won't have to connect to the VPN if you want to share any of the posts on Weibo or WeChat.


Every Weibo post you share can have tags that make it easier to analyze which content is performing well. Set up your required tags so that you never forget to use them.