Weibo Campaign Generates 1 Million Fans in 5 Days
December 16, 2013 |

CORRECTION: We misstated Liverpool as Bodogs official fan club in China as featured on the Kawo newsletter, however that is not correct. The official fan club of Bodog is Arsenal FC.

Contests help build your fanbase and brand awareness, no matter what industry your company is in, but they require more work than just announcing that you’re holding a contest. What are the 5 key factors that determine how successful a competition can be? We’ve boiled it down for you:

  • AUTHENTICITY: Particularly in China, where online fraud is rampant, it’s important to establish your legitimacy. 
  • INCENTIVE: Although any sort of competition with prizes will draw entrants, regular competitions and specially tailored prizes will draw more entrants who are in turn more likely to spread information 
  • REACH: Without the right channel to reach your audience, your contest might get lost in the white noise of the Internet. Make sure you know who your audience is and the best way to reach them. KOLs
  • LIMITS: A key element that really drives a fan to join a contest incorporates a key principle of human behavior: limits. Limiting the amount of prizes and time creates a sense of scarcity and urgency that makes fans more likely to enter as soon as possible.
  • SHAREABILITY: Even a free prize will only get you so far; people want to share things that are exciting, strike an emotional chord, or are funny. Make sure your contest is something that people want to share or be associated with. Additionally, it’s important to keep it simple. Make the entry steps too complicated and you’ll end up with disappointing results.

In action: Last week KAWO launched a new sports account on China’s number 1 social network Sina Weibo. BODOG, an online betting company with a key focus on sports and in particular, European football. To create a buzz around the new account, we created an online contest:


Bodog’s official partnership with Arsenal FC and an official ‘Verification’ status from Sina left no doubt that Bodog was a credible account.

INCENTIVE: A brand new iPhone 5S on its own is exciting enough, but when coupled with official Arsenal FC mobile branding and accessories, it’s an instant recipe for success. This allowed us to make this prize stand out from the crowd of standard football memorabilia.

REACH: We used several different channels to ensure our post exceeded 1 billion impressions. 1) We used the support of Arsenal FC’s official Chinese social channels; 2) we negotiated promotion from Sina Sports’ official accounts and launched the contest through their official competition platform; 3) we used Mailman’s extensive network of Sports KOL’s and bloggers, built through 13 years of on-the-ground experience.

SCARCITY: Creating a 5-day time limit for a single prize led to an incredible level of growth.


SHAREABILITY: We kept it simple- like the account and share the post- and featured an action shot and the football-themed prize

The BODOG page grew to over 1.1m followers in just 5 days.
The competition was reposted just over 1 million times and received over 250 thousand comments. 


Remember, even after a successful contest, it’s important to continue to ride the wave of publicity. The challenge is to provide engaging content which new fans can relate to and that will compel them to join the conversation consistently.

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