How to Use WeChat Features
July 4, 2014 |
WeChat has some interesting features that can be incredibly useful. We show you how to use some of the cool features below (but remember to update your app! Not all features are available with older versions). Keep in mind that linking a bank account is only available for China right now. You can link a bank account by going to Me > My Bank Cards > Link Bank Card. WeChat’s built-in translating To translate a message, press on a message and hold until a menu pops up. Then, choose “Translate” and a translation will appear below the original message. More than 20 languages are currently supported. image Hyperlinks for Public Accounts For public accounts that have the Payment function enabled, they can now add hyperlinks in their broadcasts to followers. Using the hyperlink symbol next to other font and message settings, public accounts can add URLs efficiently with a cleaner look. image Sending gifts in WeChat New startup Giftpass (礼物通) wants to present a simpler way to send virtual gifts (that translate into real-life gift cards!) Giftpass, currently in beta mode but planning on offering more vendors soon, uses WeChat as it is more convenient than sending gifts through email or other forms. First search for and follow the service account “giftpasscn” and, after clicking on the giftpasscn account, a button to go to the Gift Shop will appear on the bottom of the screen, where you normally type messages. Kawo - wechat features 2.pngKawo - wechat features 3.png Browse for gifts at a variety of stores. Then, pay online to buy a gift and send it to another WeChat user. The gift will be sent via WeChat message and can be claimed by clicking “Unwrap gift” then going to the store to use the gift card. The recipient doesn’t even need to be following giftpasscn! To view sent and received gifts, you can also click on “Card Wallet” on the right. image How to hail a taxi using WeChat Under the “Me” tab (on some versions such as Androids, the button on the upper-right corner), choose “My bank cards” and another menu will pop up that includes “Order Taxi”. Simply punch in beginning and end destinations and wait for a cab driver that wants to take your trip. To pay using WeChat, notify the app you have gotten in the cab, and make a WeChat payment at the end. Alternatively, pay in cash and use the app just as a taxi-hailing service. Kawo - wechat features 4.png How to transfer money If you have tied a bank account to WeChat, you can not only complete all the above transactions, but also just send money. As in the steps for hailing a taxi, head to Me > My Bank Cards again, and you will have the option to “Transfer Money” (on the second page) to friends.

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