WeChat tool: How to Create an Auto Reply
August 13, 2014 |
Understanding how to manage a social media presence has become fundamental to every company’s business model. One of China’s most popular social media platforms, WeChat, has plenty of tools to help. One of the cooler features we’ve discovered so far is Auto Reply. Auto Reply allows the account holder the ability to personal it’s interactions with their users in a simple and clever way. You’ll need and official account which requires approval from WeChat and at least 500 fans.  After getting an official account setting up Auto Reply is pretty easy to do. The Admin Platform which official accounts run on has a tab for Functions where you will find a button for Auto Reply. After clicking Auto Reply you have the ability to custom two distinct features. The first is a personalized message users receive upon subscribing to your account. The personalized message allows text, images, voice, and video messages. This is especially important because it serves as a greeting to your new fans and sets up the beginning of your WeChat relationship.  We recommend keeping it light and fun to maximize the likelihood each new subscriber will take the time to read it. image The other really neat part of Auto Reply is the keyword function. This allows you to add as many keywords as you want each with there own unique message. This can be especially helpful for your subscribers who want to find out more info on specific aspects of your business. For example, GO USA, a travel service that promotes travel to the US, uses a Hawaii keyword to cater to their users specifically interested in Hawaii. image Combining the two. For a more straightforward approach you can also combine these two aspects. In your initial greeting you can create a list of keywords to be more straightforward. For example: Thanks for the subscription to company XYZ. For information on specific products please type the corresponding number: 1.     Product X 2.     Product Y 3.     Product Z This helps provide direction to your subscribers. You can also break this down further where after sub navigating to either product X, Y, or Z your personalized messages for each will also contain keywords for further more specific inquires. The possibilities for key words are only limited by the imagination. You can have the ability to get as personalized and creative as you want. Have fun! *images from Sekkei Studio

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