5 Ways to Make Popular Weibo Posts
February 28, 2015 |

By: Yujun Wu

Have you ever wondered how to make popular Weibo posts? There are several ways to make posts stand out and help your brand interact with your fans.

Keep it simple

Although 140 characters may already seem very short, making your post under 10 characters can work surprisingly well. Keep in mind: sometimes, less is more.

Have fun and stay relevant

What is the trending topic this week on Twitter? It must be the dress colour debate, blue & black or white & gold? You might wonder how the far east is reacting to this. In fact, it went viral on Weibo as well. For brands, it is the best chance to show your humour and entertain your fans. Look at the post Bundesliga account created on Weibo yesterday: “Are these Blue and Black or White And Gold?”


Don’t fool your fans with stupid questions

You might have been told all the time by your teachers “there are no stupid questions”, and still believe the beauty of this saying. If that’s the case, please just skip this paragraph. It is very true that brands should interact with fans by asking them (smart) questions. Stop asking your fans who their favorite footballers are as they must have heard this question hundreds of times in their lifetime.

Use Chinese Internet shorthand

Fans LOVE brands who use a means of communication they are familiar with. Using Chinese internet shorthand does not mean being inauthentic. When Chinese president Xi Jinping has applied internet slangs to his speech, why would it be acceptable to maintain out-of-date writing style on social media. If you do not understand Chinese Internet shorthand, check out this article to get an overview of the Chinese slang landscape. Duang! Duang! Duang! (FYI this is the most popular Chinese Internet slang at the moment and has no meaning at all. Just throw it in your weibo post!)


Chinese fans respond best to short-form video content. Our data shows that GIF posts have the highest average engagement rate across sports accounts. Check out these popular gif’s from Bundesliga’s Weibo account


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