Planning Social Media Content with KAWO
April 7, 2015 |

Users are constantly overwhelmed with social media content, making it difficult for your content to resonate with your followers and have a lasting impact. Planning plays a key role in producing high quality social media content.

There are many factors that go into a successful social media strategy, from content, to posting time, meaningful use of imagery, and more. We decided to aggregate all these factors into a single dashboard for user collaboration.

Actionable Layout


KAWO’s planning interface is designed to display your scheduled content for up to weeks at a time. It combines a beautiful layout with intuitive usability to making it seamless to view every upcoming post.

It’s designed to be completely actionable within the layout, so without having to leave the interface, team members can provide feedback, approve posts, and see a posts history.

More Transparency - Less Mistakes


Many nightmarish social media errors have been made due to people being responsible for posting on multiple accounts at a time. Constantly logging in and out of accounts can result in content being posted on the wrong client account, or worse, a post for a personal account being published on your brands account.

KAWO planning provides more structure to the process of posting, allowing users to schedule content further in advance. With a brands planned content easily visible by all team members as well as the client, everyone has a sound idea of what’s to come, mitigating the risk of posts being published on the wrong account, or something insensitive being released.

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