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May 8, 2015 |
Dealing with content approval in the social media world is a time-consuming, frustrating, and at times annoying task that people struggle with on a daily basis. Hours are spent sending spreadsheets and emails back and forth just to confirm a post. A trivial task like this shouldn’t have such a resounding impact on the day-to-day activities of brands and agencies.

Our Solution

Excel spreadsheets, while great for data input, are extremely cluttered and not ideal for social media planning. image KAWO’s simple and user friendly interface makes it easy for everyone to keep track of planned content, what posts still need approval, and what posts are ready to be published. image

So How Does It Work?

Katherine schedules a post for Thursday afternoon, but still needs to get it approved by her boss, Nancy. image So Katherine asks for approval on the post. image Wednesday rolls around, Nancy hasn’t given feedback or approved the post yet, so Katherine decides to notify her via e-mail. image Nancy now sees that there is a scheduled post waiting for her approval, so she heads over to KAWO. image She approves the post on Wednesday, and on Thursday afternoon the post gets published as planned. image

But what if she hadn’t approved the post in time?

If Nancy doesn’t approve the post before it was scheduled to be published, the post fails. image This way, there’s no risk of unapproved content being published or team members not knowing what’s going on. So there you have it, you can ask for approval and notify co-workers for post approval all within KAWO, without the hassle of using spreadsheets to plan content.

Better Communication

Additionally, KAWO helps create a simplified avenue for communication. With our new commenting feature, team members can leave feedback directly on posts, reducing the need to email about content. Between requesting approval and being able to comment on individual posts, KAWO has created a system to simplify some of your most time consuming communication issues, allowing you to focus on creating better quality content.

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