Tim Cook Joins Weibo
May 13, 2015 |

Chinese Netizens went into a repost frenzy on Monday afternoon when Apple CEO Tim Cook joined Sina Weibo, China’s biggest microblogging platform. We were also pretty excited to see Tim Cook join the platform, as he’s one of many recent celebrities (Ellen DeGeneres, PM Narendra Modi) to join the platform.

Weibo user’s greeted the Apple CEO with a proper Weibo welcome, giving his first post over 10,000 reposts in an hour. After three days on the platform, he already has over half-a-million followers.

Tim Cook’s first Weibo post  

Tim Cook is in Beijing to promote Apple’s new environmental initiative in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund. He visited an elementary school in the capital today and posted the trip to Weibo, again getting a hefty number of reposts and comments.

The CEO does some learning of his own.  

What does it mean?

Tim Cook’s jump to Weibo is indicative of two things. First of all, this move represents the importance of China’s smartphone market. China is now the world’s biggest smartphone market, and they totally have iPhone fever. Secondly, Tim Cook’s move demonstrates the significance of Weibo’s status in the broader Chinese social media space.

We’ve been saying it all along, Weibo is a vibrant social network with nearly 200 million monthly active users that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Here’s a selection of top-rated user comments on Tim’s first Weibo post:

@Sun丶楊進熊: He’s gaining follower’s every second, such a boring thing, yet I’ve refreshed the page 45 times already
@生活大爆炸TBBT:If we repost we get a free iPhone 6?
@小露西弗:Do you like XiaoMi MI phone? Do you like XiaoMi MI band? Are you ok?

It will be interesting to see who the next big western name will be to join one of the biggest and most active social media platforms.

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