Trending Topics Now Featured in the Inspiration Board
June 16, 2015 |

Starting this week KAWO will be adding trending topics and viral content to the Inspiration Board to help users keep up to date with what’s happening in China.

Updated personally by our team members, a bilingual feed of the latest trending topics, news, helpful tidbits, and other information relevant to anyone managing social media in China will now be visible to KAWO users.

With a 176 million strong population of active monthly users cycling through content at a relentless pace, Weibo can be a social eco-system easy to get lost in. Yesterday’s trending topic could be today’s bitter meme, today’s bitter meme could be tomorrow’s blacklisted keyword. You need to make sure your brand is ahead of the curve on such matters.

That’s why we’re starting to add this content to the inspiration board, to provide insight on these topics while they’re still hot. Recently one of our users who works for our parent company, Mailman Group, told us that over 40% of the content she publishes is in reaction to what’s currently trending.


A post by GoUSA in reaction to a trending topic, Brother Orange, that received exponentially greater engagement than everyday content.

Using popular hashtags, engaging with the right users and keeping up to date with what’s currently viral can have a huge impact on your engagement and relevance. Having this reactionary, spur-of-the-moment edge can be the secret weapon to growing your brand on Chinese social media.

For all the latest updates follow KAWO on WeChat.

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