Introducing KAWO Protect
June 30, 2015 |

In China, there are over 600 censored phrases, words, and other
sensitive topics that the government considers important to monitor.
Staying ahead of all this can be time consuming, and you never know what
you really can or can’t say.

We’ve created a feature called KAWO Protect that takes the worry out of this
by simply offering a final stage filter that screens your post right
before it goes live to assess if the post contains either one of the
following characteristics:

  1. Sensitive language, words or phrases
  2. Links that are not accessible within Mainland China

The pop up will appear only if your post contains one of the two
characteristics listed above and will prompt you to ‘POST ANYWAY’ or
'EDIT’, which gives you an opportunity to make further changes before
posting live.

We keep the listed sensitive words current by scrolling popular
government warning websites and industry news sites that share what is
currently trending.  We then upload these sensitive words into our
filters on a weekly basis, so you’ll always know we’re on top of it.  For
a full list of the current filtered words see here.


KAWO Protect detects invalid content at multiple stages during the post publishing process, so that there’s no concern or worry about whether your post will be censored or not. With our new feature you can feel secure and rest assured that your best content will make it to all your fans and followers in the most consumable way.

For all the latest updates follow KAWO on WeChat.

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