How to Find a KOL on Weibo
July 2, 2015 |

We’ve mentioned it a number of times on our blog, but the importance of KOLs is a topic worth revisiting. A KOL has nearly unrivaled influence on the masses when it comes to promoting your product or message, and they can assuage the process of achieving viral status on social media, which tends to be a common end goal. The issue is: how do you go about finding a KOL that’s right for you and your brand?

Search for keywords on the platform

By searching a short keyword on the Sina, the page will show you four types of results that contain this keyword:

  • Weibo Posts
  • Weibo Accounts
  • Albums
  • Hashtag Pages

The more engagement a post has, the higher ranking it will have. You could visit these weibo users’ page and look through their post history, followers, and engagement levels to determine if they’re your ideal KOL and brand ambassador.  


Tip: Don’t forget to try different keywords and combinations of keywords to net higher quality and more comprehensive results.

Use a Third Party Platform


If you’re someone who has spent countless hours looking for KOLs for your brand, this might be hard to believe, but there are actually a great number of KOL platforms and KOL companies in China. Visit their websites, choose your favorite KOL, and pay the fee. It just takes these three simple steps to almost guarantee success in finding a KOL. It is important to remember that these platforms and companies will end up charging you an expensive fee, especially when compared to just speaking directly with the KOL.

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