Winning Business Through Transparency & Performance
July 9, 2015 |

Winning new business can be difficult; the clients seem to always want more, the brief is often misguided, and finding a competitive edge is almost impossible against a sea of competing agencies.

Lately at KAWO we’ve been exploring ways to create new value to agencies in winning business by demonstrating features that give your clients more certainty and transparency across your performance and benchmarked against the industry’s best.

We’ve created just 6 slides that can now be downloaded for Powerpoint or Keynote, to be used by agencies in their formal pitch process to help establish a clear market edge. Each feature is designed not only for your agency to perform better, but also to give your client confidence to use your service above others.


This slide is designed to give your clients a clear position about why you will deliver the best service with transparency and performance tracking.


No more need for Excel spreadsheet planning. You create, plan, and schedule posts all within KAWO without the need for chasing content approvals and more.


With KAWO, you not only track the common social media metrics of forwards, likes and comments, we’ll also track all click through – you’ll discover that posts with links generate often 10x or 20x the clicks to comment/forward ratio.


With KAWO you can now show competitive data of your own brand’s performance against the industry you’re competing in. This is a rich feature we’re building more value in, so watch this space.


This feature will give your clients the confidence to know you consider working with them very seriously and will monitor every activity across the entire team. It provides a simple audit trail of all post activity.


Getting this wrong can mean the difference between success and utter failure. KAWO gives you a sophisticated filter, which screens each and every post made through the system to ensure the context, language is not deemed sensitive in China. Give your clients the comfort they need.

So that’s a wrap – feel free to reach out if you’d like more support when demonstrating KAWO to your clients or for more explanation about any of the above.

Powerpoint download

Keynote download

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