Integrated and Centralized Communication
July 10, 2015 |

One of the greatest challenges for any team in any environment is having an effective method of communication. Having an open line of communication between colleagues, business, and client is essential to the success of any business.

The same can be said for producing good social media content in China. With so many nuances to the Chinese language, it’s imperative that team members who produce content are able to easily communicate with each other. It’s also necessary that a manager or client can easily view this communication.

To address this problem, we’ve developed a new feature inside of KAWO that allows for centralized communication between all team members involved in an account.

Commenting on Content

During our beginning stages at KAWO, our clients would utilize excel spreadsheets for planning of social media content. According to customer feedback, the biggest issue with using spreadsheets for content planning is a lack of an easy, intuitive way for team members to communicate about a specific post.

With comments often getting lost in email chains or laid out incoherently in the spreadsheet, it became increasingly difficult for people to determine which feedback related to a specific post. Actually, devising a desired plan of action from this convoluted feedback loop posed an equally difficult problem.


With KAWO, you can now comment directly on a post you have scheduled inside our app, so there’s no longer any confusion about which feedback applies to which specific post. Team members of an account can now use this feature in real-time on every scheduled post in KAWO, allowing for more comprehensive collaboration and transparency, and less miscommunication headaches.

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