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July 28, 2015 |

Seeking approvals on social media content in China is never easy. Every brand or client has their own way of approving content for social publishing, and you never know if approvals will be delivered on time.

Social media managers are under a lot of pressure. They spend time researching the brand, understanding popular topics, and designing posts to craft a content strategy that delivers the brand proposition, and very likely, inspires an army of followers.

Our team at KAWO was tasked with creating an effective approval process that would support all the various ways in which clients seek and give approvals. Following dozens of conversations with agencies, clients, and by observing the way approvals are made it became clear: there is no single process.  Just to name a few, we’ve seen approvals being made in any of the below manners:

  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Email
  • Phone
  • QQ
  • Skype
  • Google docs
  • SMS
  • WeChat

Unfortunately, the list goes on, making our challenge all the more confusing.  Our team was challenged to support various flows, but had to remain focused on reimagining the flow to support 98% of our potential users.

So that’s what we focused on.

We decided to create a process that, regardless of your company’s workflow could be supported by KAWO. Our belief is that, while the Excel spreadsheet is a useful tool in planning; it is fundamentally flawed and only creates more work for parties involved.

Let’s explore  approvals with KAWO and observe how it supports the social media planning workflow.

Posts Seeking Approvals

Creating posts are easy. You can either select a post featured in your inspiration board, which pulls content from your destination sources (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) or you can create a new one by selecting the + symbol to the bottom right corner of the screen.


After opening the post, you can then add your local Chinese text, which will appear on the social network when published whilst turning on the green marker for approval request.  

See before:


And after:


As you can see, each post within the system is tracked for all activity as featured in the right hand side bar of the post creation form.  That way you’ll always have an audit trail of activity.

When you are done, you can now click ‘SAVE POST’ to segment content in need of approval. At this stage, you can continue all your planning. When you reach the end of your planning session, you can then opt to ‘Email Request for Approval,’ which empowers you to send one bulk email with all posts requiring approvals.

Approving Posts


All collaborators will now see posts presented in the PLANNING tab under your brand account.  Posts are featured in chronological order, featuring the most urgent at the top, down to the least urgent at the bottom. Posts requiring approval will feature a large ‘APPROVE’ tab. One-click and it’s good to go.


As we can see in this example, the bottom post that is scheduled for Friday 31st of July is seeking approval.  KAWO now allows any collaborator, client, team member or other to easily approve that content on the timeline.

Why can anyone approve a post?

We made a decision to empower anyone, within your team’s collaborators, to approve a post to ensure speed and transparency.  Although you may seek approval from a client and request that, if you receive approval over Skype, email, phone or other it can easily be approved by another member and tracked within the system.

The ‘Add Comment’ feature allows you to easily add notes to a post to serve as reminders or feedback to other team members.  Clients can also provide feedback directly on the post, without having to notify you or load unnecessary documents.  The notes are tracked, and changes are easily made directly on the post.

Tracking Posts’ History


All actions taken within KAWO are tracked against each post.  For example, in the post above the following actions were taken:

  1. Freya created a post
  2. Freya uploaded 3 images
  3. Freya asked for approval
  4. Freya then made an edit
  5. Jerry then approved the post
  6. Post was then published to ABC Mouse Weibo account

At KAWO we’re consistently trying to answer the question of how we can make brands and agencies better at Chinese social media. The approval workflow is something that we all realized needed to exist and now we can empower social media and brand managers like never before.Trial KAWO for 30 days and see how you too can be better at Chinese social media.

For all the latest updates follow KAWO on WeChat.

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