KAWO Feature: How Brands Use KAWO To Onboard New Social Media Team
August 18, 2015 |

In China, getting social media right can mean the difference between winning and losing in this market. Social media management is often managed by younger, less experienced team members supported by more senior talent to ensure brands are represented in the best possible light. When a team member is replaced a challenge for brands or agencies is to get the new member up to to speed on the brand while teaching them the most effective Chinese social media habits

Often times, the new hire will pose questions, such as:

When should I use hashtags?
How does the brand talk?
What can I talk about? What should I avoid?
What types of images work best?
Who are our key opinion leaders?

And more.


KAWO provides a platform for seamless planning and review, without the need for countless meetings and discussions. Posts are created and scheduled within the system, then reviewed by more senior team members.

Take this for example:


And this:


The posts here show how new team members can be put to work in a fully transparent environment, without the worry of senseless posts going out to the networks. It also provides a very easy way for team leaders, planners, and management to review the posts and provide feedback.

A good example is BrandUSA, a customer of KAWO and client of MAILMAN. The social media team were recently undergoing a shift in team and had the responsibility of onboarding a new member. The task was to get the new member up to the quality of the departing member without creating additional work flows or risks.

Team member Rose (outgoing) created dozens of posts and scheduled them into the future, only for Freya (incoming) to comment and provide value on those posts. Freya was tasked with also creating new posts for Rose to review, while KAWO provided a simple platform to manage the entire work flow. If Freya needed feedback on a post, it was written right on the post itself, featured here in the audit trail.


Following an entire month of on-boarding, both Rose and Freya had collaborated on over 70 social media posts, and by the end of the month Freya was empowered to create and schedule her own posts - with management confident she had taken the necessary lessons to ensure quality.

If you’d like to learn more about on-boarding team members reach out to us here.

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