How to Link Articles in WeChat
December 16, 2015 |
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One of the most frequently asked questions raised by social media managers using WeChat is how they can include links in the body of their WeChat articles. As most users have found out, the backend of WeChat is unfortunately without a hyperlink button in an article’s toolbar.
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It’s a frustrating as everyone involved in content marketing knows the value of having hyperlinks in a post. So, we took the time to show you 3 different ways that you can link articles within WeChat and improve your digital marketing performance.

“Read More” Link

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By far, the most obvious way to link articles in WeChat is to use the “Read More” option at the bottom of the post. The picture below shows where this option is located in WeChat’s backend.
read more button wechat back end
First, you’ll want to obtain the url of the article you intend to link to. This is easily done by right clicking on an created article on WeChat’s main post dashboard and clicking “Copy Link Address”:
Then when you go back to the post you were creating, all you have to do is check this box:
check this box
And then paste the link from the other WeChat article:
copy paste link wechat article
The main drawback to this approach is that the “Read More” link can often be overlooked or it might not be a relevant phrase for the article you’re linking to. This is a good method when you’ve created a WeChat post with multiple articles and want the reader to flow seamlessly from article to article. But what if that’s not the case? A situation most writers will find themselves in is wanting to link readers earlier in an article to another relevant article that may have been previously published. So, how do you do this when there is no hyperlink button?

Using QR Codes

To some, embedding a QR code can be considered a slight hack. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world but it gets the job done. Here’s how you do it on WeChat’s backend. First, on your web browser pull up the article, html5 page, questionnaire, etc. that you want to link to. You’ll notice that there’s a QR code in the top right of most of these.
qr code linked to wechat article
You’ll want to right-click on the QR code and press “Save Image As..”
save image qr code
After that, you go into the post you’re embedding the QR code in and click the add image button.
wechat back end link button
Like you do with all images, you’ll have to add the saved QR code to your WeChat image gallery. First click the green button in the top right:
wechat media gallery
Then you’ll want to locate the QR code in your files and press open to add it to your image gallery:
qr code in your files
Once it’s in your image gallery, just select the photo and press the green button on the bottom of the window:
press the green button
After completing that process, you should have a QR code in your article like so:
qr code embedded in article
Data has shown that these QR codes have a higher click through rate than the “Read More” link, which isn’t hard to believe given the higher visibility of the QR code. So, while you do sacrifice something from an aesthetic point of view, the increased chances of someone reading your article makes it a worthwhile solution. That is, unless you’re one of the lucky few that have the ability to embed true hyperlinks…

Embedding Hyperlinks

As mentioned earlier, it’s true that most WeChat accounts don’t have the feature to embed hyperlinks. However, if you have activated WeChat payments, you’ll notice that a hyperlink button now appears on your toolbar.
embedded article link logo
With this button now enabled, the WeChat article editor now operates like most web-based blog tools. This is how you go about using the hyperlink tool in WeChat. First you select the words or image that you want to hyperlink:
word to link to URL
Then you click the hyperlink button:
link embedded button
A list of all other WeChat articles you have published will appear in a window. All you have to do is select the article you want to link to and click the green button:
settings to link text to url
Your hyperlinked text will then appear in blue:
clickable link
This is by far the most convenient way to hyperlink articles, and although, WeChat still doesn’t allow you to link to pages outside of WeChat, these methods still allow you to share your awesome content with your followers.

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