How to Make Money on Weibo – Tipping Feature
January 7, 2016 |

Tip your favorite posts on social media?

As in the way you (should) tip the lovely barista at the neighborhood café?

What does that even mean?

Well, it turns out that Weibo provides this feature to allow users to pay for those impressive articles, it called Da Shang(打赏) in Chinese.

So, basically the user pays for seeing advertisement. Confused yet?

The concept of this function is to boost an author’s passion for writing more higher quality articles and to encourage other Weibo users to become writers to share their insights. The ultimate aim is to improve quality of Weibo posts, increasing all engagement levels while activating users. Think of it as “incentive-laden quality control”.

You can easily find the tipping (打赏) button – 赏 at the end of a long-form article (长微博). 


Alternatively, you can do it when you finish watching a whole video that has been uploaded from MiaoPai (a popular video platform similar to Vine) on Sina Weibo.


When you click the button, you can decide how much you want to “tip” the publisher by entering in an amount or by a random roll of the dice (#gamification). Of course, you need to use your Alipay account or your Weibo balance to complete the transaction.


Now, you’re probably starting to wonder, “Can I open this “tipping” funcion on my personal account and how can I start the service?”

Answer: It’s very simple for you to open this function. Move to ‘Management Center’ on your personal page and find the ‘Content Revenues’ option. Once there, you’ll find the way to open the Weibo “tipping” feature and all transactions made. Sounds like an easy way to make money, right? Go for it! I’ll be waiting to tip your awesome content.

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