Understanding Chinese Social Media Over Chinese New Year: How to Maximize Your Engagement
January 21, 2016 |

Did you know that 11 out of 15 Weibo Account Managers don’t know when is the best day to post during Chinese New Year? I know, it seems shocking that over two-thirds of industry professionals don’t even know the best practice for doing their jobs.

So, why does this matter? With brands trying to get in the face (normally via a screen) of their audience and in investing big dollars to do so, every little detail becomes IMMENSELY important.

As Al Pacino’s character Coach D’Amato says in the cult classic Any Given Sunday, “You find out this life’s a game of inches…one half a step too late or too early and you don’t quite make it. One half second too slow, too fast and you don’t quite catch it.”

The same holds true in any company’s social media strategy. And with the Chinese New Year coming up, rest assured that a number of brands are in the “war room” breaking down “game film” and putting their money where their mouth is.

So, when is the best day to take advantage of the Chinese New Year holiday for your Weibo posts to get the most exposure and build your brand?

We looked at the engagement data from a mass of Weibo accounts and laid out the user engagement per hour. And this is what we came out with:


From the graph, we see that the user engagement during the beginning of the Chinese New Year is significantly higher than the rest of the week. After February 20th, there’s a noticeable decline for the rest of the rest of the holidays.

You may be thinking, “There were probably more posts during the beginning of the week, so of course it would get more engagement.” Good guess. However, comparing post counts throughout the whole week, there was no significant drop off between the beginning and the end of the week.


So, if you’re going to post during Chinese New Year, be sure to post at the beginning of the holiday week rather than the middle. User engagement/activity decreases after the beginning of the week making it harder/less likely for users to see your post or engage with it as the week progresses.

TL;DR Posting at the beginning of Chinese New Year (and Al Pacino inspirational speeches) = GOOD. Posting during middle to end of Chinese New Year = BAD

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