Tencent is Loosening Their Regulations for Ads on WeChat
January 22, 2016 |

Moments ads on WeChat were released at the beginning of 2015 for a few selected companies – like Coca Cola or Mercedes-Benz. In simple words, it allows these companies to put ads on users moments feed without detracting from the user experience.

The rules are clear: ads will only appear every 48 hours if there are at least four new updates on the user feed. It will also disappear after 6 hours if it doesn’t receive any clicks or comments. On the other hand if the user interacts with the ad, the bigger the chances are of their friends receiving the same ad.

New Updates on WeChat Ads

Last week WeChat released some updates for those accounts that already have “Moment ads” enabled. These accounts can use a self-service platform to send targeted Moment ads by themselves. This means that these accounts can select which accounts they wish to target even more precisely.

Apart from that, these companies can now do their own ROI/click through rate/cost per click through an analytics dashboard. So far, this feature is only available through invitation to accounts that have already registered on “Moment ads” with the Tencent sales team.

The company also announced a decrease in the minimal entry price, from 200,000 RMB to 50,000 RMB. This shows that Tencent is giving more opportunities to a growing number of advertisers and slowly loosening their regulations - so get ready to start seeing more and more ads on your Moments.

Before, advertisers were only able to target audience by age, city, gender and general interest. Now Tencent released the LBS (Location Based Services) feature, which allows advertisers to target Moment Ads according to user’s physical location. So, don’t freak out if you are walking around and get a discount for a local restaurant!  

What about WeChat banners?

Banner ads for official accounts are far from being something new, but Tencent just made it easier to target users. Advertisers can now:

  • Target users that have purchased games inside the app
  • Target users that have purchased online via Tencent and Jindong products
  • Select users by education levels
  • Select users by their relationship status


WeChat is a free platform and generates a low amount of money for every user a year, so opening up more opportunities for advertisers to connect to their audience is a way of increasing its monetization. That is probably the main reason why Zhang Xiaolong, VP of Tencent, has announced that the company will introduce a new type of coupon that will help brands to have better social advertising.  

The company was always against “viral marketing” initiatives, but is about to release its own - users can get discounts in exchange for re-sharing specific content.

It looks like things are about to change.

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