Weibo to Remove 140 Character Limit
January 22, 2016 |

Weibo has announced that it will soon remove its 140 character limit. This news comes only 2 weeks after Twitter confirmed that they are testing 10.000 character tweets.

Weibo CEO Wang Gaofei has made public that paid Weibo members will have the new limit starting from January 28, while others will have to wait until February 28. Twitter has not confirmed yet when they will roll out their “not-so-micro-blog” feature.

Furthermore it is said that longer Weibo posts will be cut off at 140 characters in a user’s feed and a “read more” button will be added to view the post in its entirety.

The news has not received a warm reaction from Chinese netizens. Many find the change unnecessary since Chinese characters can already convey a lot of information within the 140 character limit. We are also not sure how this new type of Weibo post fits in between normal 140 character sized posts and so called “long form” posts that Weibo already supports.

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