18 WeChat Accounts and 3 Websites to Learn about Chinese Social Marketing
January 4, 2018 |

Social marketing in China is evolving so fast. There are constantly new trends and opportunities. It is a real challenge to stay up-to-date.

People constantly ask us where to get the latest industry news. So we asked some friends and put together this guide to the best WeChat accounts and Websites to follow.

As a bonus each member of the KAWO team has selected an article they found interesting.

English WeChat Accounts


Alex, KAWO's Product Lead and Secret Santa, recommends this post on B2B lead generation frameworks...

? Scan this QR code to follow 31Ten on WeChat.


Kangming, KAWO's Account Manager and chief underwater hockey player, offers this post on WeChat Voice message...

? Scan this QR code to follow ChCh on WeChat.


Benton, KAWO's front-end developer and Australian Mr. Robot, suggests this post on the differences between WeChat in and outside of China...

? Scan this QR code to follow Chozan on WeChat.


James, KAWO's front-end developer and one of Michael Flatley's biggest fans, recommends this post on Chinese tourism and museums...

? Scan this QR code to follow DaxueBlog on WeChat.


Tianyi, KAWO's marketing content creator and resident KAWO user, thinks this piece on company WeChat is great...

? Scan this QR code to follow Grata on WeChat.


Marketa, KAWO's web design specialist and Bohemian loves this post about KOL's influence on tourism...

? Scan this QR code to follow ParkLU on WeChat.


Brian, KAWO's CTO and music curator, thinks this is a great post on Toutiao and AI...

? Scan this QR code to follow TechNode on WeChat.


Ian, KAWO's back-end developer and resident sailor, is obsessed with this post about mini programs...

? Scan this QR code to follow WalktheChat on WeChat.


Rebecca, KAWO's sales manager and dimple enthusiast, is a fan of this piece on WeChat payments...

? Scan this QR code to follow WeAreSocial on WeChat.

Chinese WeChat Accounts


If you are a social media newbie, Banpiesishu is just the place for you to start learning social marketing skills. Check out this article on user interview. Basic but useful for those who freshly enter a marketing career without an academic background for theories...

? Scan this QR code to follow Banpiesishu on WeChat.


Kannimai offers casestudies of latest marketing campaigns and trends. Every now and then they have great insight like this one on Weilong's latest food campaign that worth the patience to read through...

? Scan this QR code to follow 看你卖Kannimai on WeChat.

Mumu Laozei

Mumu Laozei makes social marketing fun. It's usually good for a review of the latest trend and learn about new social media tools and strategies. This post is a list of all festivals and holidays you should write about in 2018. Good to have it at your hand when you're writing the plan for 2018...

? Scan this QR code to follow 木木老贼Mumu Laozei on WeChat.

Niaoge Biji

Niaoge Biji is one of the earliest accounts that provides social media marketing strategies. It usually has great insight into the marketing strategies of top brands. This article is about why one of the Chinese F&B top brands does not have a slogan that is as well known as other brands...

? Scan this QR code to follow 鸟哥笔记 Niaoge Biji on WeChat.

Weiguojiang Newsflash

Weiguojiang has an account for social marketing trend analysis, but I prefer this Newsflash that stresses more on news update on hot topics, new feature releases of WeChat. I often skim through their post at the beginning of the day to know what's going on. Like this one on the WeChat official account back-end UI update...

? Scan this QR code to follow 微果酱快讯 Weiguojiang Newsflash on WeChat.


Weihudong has some really fun and unique perspective into social media marketing. This post is about the 4,000 history of marketing and its fun fact...

? Scan this QR code to follow 微互动 Weihudong on WeChat.

WeChat Open Course

The official open course platform of WeChat. It offers a wide range of courses from function tutorial to WeChat e-commerce strategy. The content is a bit dry but good to follow and know where the official is going. Now apparently they are still trying very hard to promote mini-program...

? Scan this QR code to follow 微信公开课公众账号 WeChat Open Course on WeChat.

Yunyinggou Gongzuoriji

Yunyinggou is a blog account of a marketing expert who has worked in the industry for 10 years. The content is generally about marketing strategies and advises to newbies to boost work efficiency. This post is about user growth and what has been neglected about it...

? Scan this QR code to follow 运营狗工作日记 Yunyinggou Gongzuoriji on WeChat.

Yunying Paidang

It's simply fun to read Yunying Paidang. Usually from a list of social media WeChat accounts that I subscribed to, I would pick out their content and read on the subway train for leisure. Like this one, they have photos of what are inside the bag of a social media executive...

? Scan this QR code to follow 运营拍档 Yunying Paidang on WeChat.


JING Daily

Jing Daily is a great resource on the luxury and travel industries. They also provide great insights in their social media column.

Tech in Asia

Tech in Asia is an awesome source for technology trends in Asia. Their articles on the China market are also always on the pulse.

What's on Weibo

What's on Weibo offers a fresh take on social media trends in China. Check here for their view on all the hottest topics.

And last but not least...

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Huge thanks to Natasha Fang of Tolmao Group, Olivia Plotnick of Brandigo, Kim Leitzes from PARKLU, Daisy Pan from Mailman Group and Mikey Chee from WeChatpreneur for their awesome recommendations.

For all the latest updates follow KAWO on WeChat.

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