The Power of KAWO in your pitch deck

Everything you need to explain the value of KAWO to your clients.

General Setup

General setup allows you to select your brand's name. If you want to receive weekly reports and require approval on each scheduled post, it can be also done here.

Weibo Setup

Connect your Weibo account and set your daily posting goals.

WeChat Setup

Connect your Service or Subscription WeChat account and set up the weekly posting schedule.

Global Sources

In Global Sources tab you can add as many Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts you can draw inspiration from as you want. All the sources will be displayed on the inspiration board. By adding western social network accounts of your brand you won't have to connect to the VPN if you want to share any of the posts on Weibo or WeChat.

Create Weibo Post

Once you are done creating copy and editing your latest Weibo post, add images and tags. Schedule your post, ask for approval, or mention your teammate in the comment thread to discuss your strategy further.

Reporting Navigation

One of KAWO's strengths are in-depth reports on pretty much anything you can imagine. Track the results your social media strategy has, see how your competitors are doing, and keep all of your reports in a place where you can always get back to them.

WeChat Overview

Display all the important data about your WeChat Service or Subscription account for a selected date range.

Weibo Overview

Display all the important data about your Weibo account for a selected date range.

Reports Center

KAWO automatically creates weekly reports for your WeChat and Weibo accounts. Review them, share them, and comment on them. On top of that, you can upload your own reports to keep the whole reporting history in one place.

Planning Calendar

KAWO’s calendar lets you plan content for months in advance. Create events your team can plan content around and seamlessly keep track of everything that has and will be published.

Planning Calendar – Day View

See what's going on a specific day Planning Calendar's Day View. Events and Weibo and WeChat posts with zero distractions.

Image Gallery

Store all the image assets you need for Weibo and WeChat posts in KAWO's Image Gallery.

Image Gallery Upload

Upload an image in .jpg, .png, or .gif format by dragging and dropping it into the dedicated rectangle.

General User Settings

When starting with KAWO, you should always fill in your username and add a profile photo to get started. Make sure you don't stay anonymous.


Every Weibo post you share can have tags that make it easier to analyze which content is performing well. Set up your required tags so that you never forget to use them.

China Inspiration Board

Draw inspiration for your content by adding all the Weibo accounts you like to the inspiration board. You can repost the content you like in two clicks.

Global Inspiration Board

Pull posts from western social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, browse through them on the global inspiration board, and repost them on Chinese social media, all without having to connect to your VPN.

Brand Dashboard

Get a high-level overview of your brand with KAWO's Dashboard. From scheduled posts to KPIs, the dashboard keeps all the essential data in one place.


KAWO's advanced search find any post you can think of. Refine your search by using filters to get the most accurate result.


Get a better idea how well your strategy is working in comparison with your competitors'.


Keeping your whole team on target is easy with KPI reports.


Stay up-to-date with the newest events. KAWO sends notifications to your email, mobile phone or in-browser, depending on your settings.

Schedule Weibo Post

Schedule your Weibo posts ahead of time to save yourself some time, brain-space, and hit the time when most of your audience is online without you having to sit in the office.

Add Tags to Weibo Post

Tagging your Weibo posts allows for better sear, filtering, and gets you even more precise data on how your content is performing.

Setup Guide

Setup Guide tracks how you are using KAWO and gives you suggestions on how to get the most out of its features.