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Chinese Social Media Explained: How to Create Long Weibo Posts

Weibo recently announced that it will soon remove its 140 character limit. You don’t really have to wait for this feature to be released, because making long Weibo posts is already possible. Here’s how.

We don’t know if regular Weibo posts with their increased character limit will allow the embedding of rich media or markup. Two thousand Chinese characters without any breaks could be quite boring to read. Luckily, the existing ways to create long form content also allow adding rich media.

1. Weibo article (文章) posts

Creating full-size blog posts is already possible for quite a while. These type of posts are displayed with a header image, short introduction and a link to the full article. Below an example how such a post looks on the Weibo timeline:

To create such a post, find the “article” or “文章” option when creating a regular Weibo post.

2. Article in an image

An older way to get around Weibo’s character limit was to mock up an article and add a screenshot of it to a regular Weibo post as an image. Many third party tools offered to simplify this task. It became so popular that Weibo created its own tool to do this, which adds a link to the tool at the end of the post. Oddly enough there isn’t an option to make this kind of post in the regular options for creating Weibo posts, but here is the link to the official tool from Sina: https://control.blog.sina.com.cn/admin/article/changWeiBo.php . Below is an example of such as post. The user would click the image to enlarge it and be able to read the full article.

Now that KAWO also supports publishing to WeChat, we are looking to make it possible to easily publish your articles to both networks.

In what other ways could KAWO help to support long form content? Let us know.

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