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Chinese Social Media Management: A Simple Platform/中国社交媒体管理平台

The social media era came along with a lot of new ways to communicate: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are the big Western channels and Weibo and WeChat are the leaders in the East. It’s incredible what you can do with all of this social channels, but it can also be extremely challenging, as a celebrity or an agency, to manage it all and get the expected results.

That’s why most digital marketing professionals use platforms that help them plan, schedule and post their content online. KAWO is a one-stop-shop for all that, but when you post on Weibo using the platform, this will appear: 来自科握 (posted via KAWO). But how does this affect your Weibo account or does it affect it at all?

We manage heavyweights

KAWO is a platform where you can plan, schedule and post your content for all your fans on Weibo and WeChat. Ever since it was launched, we’ve gathered big brands, sports teams, athletes and companies as clients. These accounts garnered benefits using KAWO, not only when it comes to scheduling content but also analysing it with our analytics feature.

In case you’re curious, here are a few Weibo accounts that we’ve been managing: Kobe Bryant, GoPro, UFC, Novak Djokovic, Liverpool FC, Macy’s, USA Tourism, among others.

Do fans talk about 来自科握?

We’re not going to lie here. Every now and then, fans mention 来自科握 (posted via KAWO), but it is very unusual for this to happen. Let’s take Kobe Bryant’s Weibo as an example: he has more than 4 million followers, with 166,000 average engagement per post and they all carry “来自科握”.

Some of his posts get over 1 million reads, but only 0.003% carry comments about  来自科握 and they are not negative! The comments that focus on KAWO’s platform are generally positive or neutral, explaining or complementing the service.

Let’s talk about Western platforms

For the Western social media, professionals use different platforms that work in similar way as KAWO does. For example, Buffer and Hootsuite are very well known and until recently anyone posting using any of them, will have message like this attached to the post: “via Buffer” or “via Hootsuite”.

This doesn’t appear anymore only because Facebook and Twitter decided to pull the message out of the posts, but when it was, it was never a problem. Agencies, companies, brands and celebrities have a lot on their plate to handle and it’s common to get some help from these platforms to make sure your marketing plan is well organized.

We are here to help!

The last thing we would want is to harm your business, brand or image in any way.  We created KAWO with  our clients in mind and how could save them time and increase collaboration. We are always awaiting their feedback so we can continue to improve!

You can schedule your posts on Weibo and WeChat, with a transparent platform where you can see who scheduled it, made comments on it and approved the content.Use our analytics to measure your success, compare your brand’s performance against competitors and so much more. If you want to know KAWO better, you can also schedule a free no-obligation demo.

When putting all this on a scale, the benefits are much larger than letting your fans know you have been using a professional platform to post your content – because they know you’re not the only one!


新的沟通方式的产生宣告了社交媒体时代的到来:Facebook,Instagram,Twitter 和 Snapchat 称霸西方主流媒体,微博微信则占领了中国市场。而现在微博微信已经不仅仅局限于社交功能了,游戏、支付、转账、理财、打车等等,社交软件俨然成为生活中不可分割的一部分。然而这一意味着,管理社交平台变得非常困难,特别是对于名人明星和中介而言。







在西方社交媒体领域,专业人士也使用和KAWO类似的平台。比如,Buffer 和 Hootsuite 都非常有名,并且直到近期,每一条通过它们发送的内容都会有“via Buffer” (“通过Buffer”)或者 “via Hootsuite”(“通过Hootsuite”)字样。

但是现在没有了的原因是Facebook 和 Twitter 决定将这一信息抹除,但是曾经没有抹除时,也并没有引发任何问题。中介、公司、品牌和名人有很多需要处理的事务,所以请其他平台管理他们的社交媒体很常见。





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