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Competitive Intelligence for Chinese Social Media

A number of social media tools that currently exist only give you data and analytics on your activity. While that’s useful and pertinent, often times in the marketing and branding industry, how you’re doing against your direct competitors provides much more valuable insight to the digital traction of your brand.

So, the question remains, “How do I stack up against my competitors?”

Our latest feature, KAWO Competitive Intelligence, is the key for brands and agencies to answer that question.

Industry Profiles

The Competitive Intelligence feature allows KAWO users to view how their social media presence compares to their industry competitors. Knowing how a brand can fall into several industry segments, the feature also allows users to set up these different profiles giving them a comprehensive view of their total digital presence.

Once the industry is selected, the stats page allows you to see follower count, posts made, comments, reposts, likes, and engagement giving you a 360 degree view at your social media profile compared to your biggest industry rivals.

Campaign Tracking

We even let you select the time period to view stats, allowing you to directly see how well your social media campaigns have fared. With real-time data, you’re now able to be more agile than ever before when it comes to the execution of marketing campaigns through digital.

At KAWO, we’re constantly driven by the question: how can we make our users better at social media?

Being born out of the marketing agency world, we’ve had an unmatched, up close and personal view at some the biggest pain points and issues in the industry. Using this experience, we’ve been able to create cohesion among international teams, streamline Chinese social media planning and scheduling, safeguard your digital presence against the Great Firewall of China, and now we’ve made available real-time social media analytics.

With this tool, you can now understand how the rest of the industry is doing to set a benchmark for your performance, vastly improving your industry knowledge. You can gain unparalleled insight from the top content and keywords used to create a plan that will consistently improve your social media content.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the likes of Liverpool FC, Macy’s, and numerous agencies by scheduling a demo today to see how KAWO can help you unlock the Chinese digital market.

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