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NEW Feature: WeChat Analytics

With the release of KAWO’s WeChat integration, We’ve had lots of positive feedback and we’re busy releasing new features on a weekly basis.

In the data driven age that we live in, we knew that analytics would be the next frontier in improving users WeChat experience on KAWO. WeChat Stats is the first step in providing brands a comprehensive and intellectual approach to Chinese social media.

The first phase of KAWO WeChat Stats consists of providing an overview of account stats across all posts.

These stats provide a great snapshot of your WeChat account’s overall “digital health” and engagement, allowing you to make better decisions when it comes to creating content. You’re able to see stats specific to date ranges that you set, so you can really hone in on how successful or unsuccessful a campaign has been.

Like the overall KAWO platform, we’ve designed WeChat stats to be mobile friendly, available in English or Chinese, and accessible to any member on your team with a  KAWO account. Since it’s centralized alongside Weibo stats, you have all of your social media intelligence in one place.

The handy graphs also allow you to get a ground level view of all the action surrounding your WeChat account.

As we mentioned, this is only the first step in building analytics that can help you make high-value decisions. We’ll be diving into deeper analytics for singular posts going forward as well as providing you with more analysis and insight that will help you achieve maximum engagement. Check back soon to see how KAWO can help you take control of your brand.

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