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New Powerful Intelligent Scheduling Feature Exclusively in KAWO

Our developers have been working hard to expand KAWO’s limits beyond the already available features. In addition to managing your content and internal communication needs, we want to help you make better choices for your brand in order to maximize engagement.

That’s why we are launching the “Intelligent Scheduling” feature for Weibo!

This new feature allows KAWO users to see when accounts similar to yours are getting more reactions and engagement on Weibo. You can also see posts that are already scheduled as a blue dot on the graph (picture above) and take action on optimal scheduling times.

This new feature will only get smarter as more data is pulled in both through industry-related accounts and your own posts.We hope to empower you with data to make smarter decisions, instead of guesstimating or on a simple hunch, for improved engagement.

Got a question or suggestion? We will be glad to hear from you!

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