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Configuring Tags (Labels)

Step 1: Decide how you want to categorize your content 

Step 2: Create each category in KAWO  

Step 3: Decide which categories are required for every post and if you want it to be mutually exclusive

Step 4: Decide if users can create new tags or if you want them to pick from a fixed list

Structure of tags

All tags are grouped into categories.
A tag category allows you to divide your content in one specific way. 
Creating multiple categories allows you to divide your content in multiple ways. 

How to find tagging ?

You can find Tag Categories by going to Reporting > Tag Insights

How to create tag categories ?

Step 1: Click “Add Category”

Step 2: Fill in information such as Name, Descriptions, and Type of Tags.

Type of Tags:
– Dependent Tag: A dependent tag category can also be required only when specific other tags already exist

– Required Tag: If a category is set to be a required tag, all posts and articles must have this tag before they can be saved

– Mutually Exclusive: If a category is set to be Mutually Exclusive, posts and articles can only have 1 tag in this category.

– Allow any value: The content editors can freely add any tags in this category

Auto Tags

These tags are automatically added by KAWO to your posts & articles.

Click into each of these categories to immediately see the resultant Pie Charts and Timeline graphs.

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