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Getting Started With Tagging

Step 1: Decide how you want to categorize your content 

Step 2: Create each category in KAWO  

Step 3: Decide which categories are required for every post and if you want it to be mutually exclusive

Step 4: Decide if users can create new tags or if you want them to pick from a fixed list

Structure of tags

All tags are grouped into categories.
A tag category allows you to divide your content in one specific way. 
Creating multiple categories allows you to divide your content in multiple ways. 

How to find tagging

You can find Tag Categories by going to Reporting > Tag Insights

Create tag categories

Step 1: Click “Add Category”

Step 2: Fill in information such as Name, Descriptions, and Type of Tags.

Type of Tags:
– Dependent Tag: A dependent tag category can also be required only when specific other tags already exist

– Required Tag: If a category is set to be a required tag, all posts and articles must have this tag before they can be saved

– Mutually Exclusive: If a category is set to be Mutually Exclusive, posts and articles can only have 1 tag in this category.

– Allow any value: The content editors can freely add any tags in this category

Auto Tags

These tags are automatically added by KAWO to your posts & articles.

Click into each of these categories to immediately see the resultant Pie Charts and Timeline graphs.

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