KAWO for Agencies

Flexible Pricing to Help You
Win More Business

KAWO was created in an agency by a team of passionate marketers.
We understand the challenges agencies have to face every day.
Our plan has been designed to help you stand out of the noise and grow your business.

Intense Competition

Highly competitive in winning briefs and getting more clients?

Projects Come & Go

Needs to handle multiple projects for different clients at the mean time?

Unhealthy Cash Flow

Hard to control cash flow and gain sustainable business?

Six Key Benefits for Agencies

Gain Trust

Build close relationships with your clients with a clear and transparent workflow.

Enhance Efficiency

Save time by automating manual and repetitive tasks, allowing you a quicker response to your clients’ needs.

Collaborate in Sync

Work together with both internal and external teams as if you are at the same place.

Get Organized

No worries about getting lost in the jungle fulfilled with data, content, chats, spreadsheets and emails.

Grow Business

Provide clients unique insights and ideas based on well-round data and think ahead of competitors.

Become Smarter

Create awesome content that satisfies your clients’s needs via smart scheduling and inspirations.

Cashflow-friendly Payment for Agencies

Compared with brands, agencies are project-based with multiple timelines. We offer super flexible pricing based on your real usage.

For Agencies

Quarterly Payment

By bank transfer
or overseas credit cards

For Agencies

Monthly Payment

By overseas credit cards

For Brands

Annual Payment

Paid up front for entire year

It’s time to win sustainable business with KAWO!