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Awesome Workflow for WeChat

At KAWO, we believe that great teams create great content.

Meet Katherine and Alex

First, Katherine creates a 6-month plan using calendar events and draft WeChat posts.

Alex gives his feedback by leaving post comments.

Katherine writes the content using KAWO’s intuitive article editor.

Once she’s done, Alex provides detailed feedback using inline comments.

Revisions keep track of every edit allowing you to compare and restore older versions.

Katherine sends a preview of the final post to the whole team via WeChat.

When everything’s looking good, Alex approves the post.

Katherine has scheduled the post for later and can head home to relax.

Everyone receives a notification on their phone when the post is successfully published.

A few days later Katherine checks the stats and shares the performance with the entire team.

Keen to learn more about KAWO?

Feel free to request a free DEMO.

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