KAWO vs Weibo Backend

Elevate Your Productivity on Weibo

Use content tagging for quicker and better decisions
Improve Weibo planning and analytics efficiency

Where does KAWO outdo Weibo Backend?

Multiple Administratorscheck nocheck yes
Unlimited Operatorscheck nocheck yes
Content Planning
Shared Calendar for Update in Synccheck nocheck yes
Content Review
Check all Launched Contentcheck yescheck yes
Compare History Versionscheck nocheck yes
Track all Editing Actionscheck nocheck yes
Content Approval
Multistep Approvalcheck nocheck yes
AI Suggesting Best Post Timecheck nocheck yes
Post Schedule Sending7 DaysUnlimited
Data Analytics
KPI Trackingcheck nocheck yes
Unlimited History Data Tracking1 Yearcheck yes
Data Visualizationcheck nocheck yes
Categorizing Content with Taggingcheck nocheck yes
Auto Weekly Reportcheck nocheck yes
Report Export
Export Report to Excelcheck yescheck yes
Export Report to Imagecheck nocheck yes
Report Customizationcheck nocheck yes
Media Library
Track who uploaded media materialscheck nocheck yes
Connect to Getty Imagecheck nocheck yes

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