Cross-Platform Management

Efficient Cross-Platform Management

Leveraging KAWO, brands can centrally manage multiple social media accounts in a single platform. KAWO empowers brands efficiently running social media marketing in a more scientific and standardized process.

Seamless Switching among
6 Major Social Media Channels

KAWO integrates WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou, Bilibili and Xiaohongshu accounts into one platform. No more repetitive logins or backend switches. KAWO help you streamline your social media operations effortlessly.

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Master Your Social Media Performance

KAWO’s intuitive dashboard provides an overview of key metrics for each social media channels, such as followers, reads, posts, and engagements. Track industry account rankings and monitor progress with visualized KPI bars, ensuring you stay on top of your performance goals at a glance.

Collaborate Effectively With Unlimited Users

Invite, authorize and manage brands’ account operators without extra charges. Members are given independent permissions based on their roles and responsibilities. KAWO maximize collaborative efforts and propel your brand forward.

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Cross-Platfom Management Becomes Easier Than Ever!