Data Insights

In-depth Data Analytics
and Insights

KAWO automates the laborious work of data analysis into intuitive graphics, displaying results from different time periods and perspectives effortlessly, and generating downloadable reports, which allows marketing teams to focus on customer insights, content creativity, and team collaboration.

Keep Pace with Social Media Trends
Through Account Analysis

KAWO automatically integrates multidimensional data of major social media channels such as WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou, Bilibili and Xiaohongshu. You can view and analyze in a customized time range and add annotations to important time nodes. KAWO helps you to discover the reasons behind data fluctuations and provides guidance to optimize social media strategies in the future.

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Understand Your Audience’s Preference
By Advanced Post Metrics

KAWO automatically analyzes social media post data, presenting the results with custom sorting options, allowing your team to review content strategy from various perspective such as format, theme and characteristics, fostering improvement and content creation inspirations. Read more >>

Tailor Your Content to
Better Engage Audiences

Custom Tagging helps brands identify what resonates most across various social media channels, enabling deeper connections with the target audience. Tailor your content and maximize social media marketing effectiveness. Read more >>

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Comprehensive Metrics for Deeper Insights

In addition to basic metrics from official social media channels, KAWO provides exclusive metrics based on the attributes of different social media channels to help you analyze content performance comprehensively and spotlight social media goals and business-related data. Read more >>

Effortless Reporting with Auto-generated Reports

No need to spend several hours on collecting data and making reports. KAWO automatically generate weekly report on your account data, competitors performance and KPI progress and delivering them to your email inbox. You can @mention team members in the reports for social media performance review and glean new insights.

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Make Campaign Recap Easy

KAWO seamlessly integrate content, post performance, KPI achievements and advertisement spending across different social media channels for each campaign. Once the campaign beginss, you can view the automatically updated data in Campaign dashboard. Read more >>

Traceable WeChat QR Code For
Accurate Channel Performance Evaluation

With just one click, KAWO generates traceable custom QR codes. This helps brands attribute contributions from different channels and activities while reinforcing brand identity.

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