Global Marketing Manager

Complete Oversight of Your Brand
on Social Media in China

Stay on top of your brand unfamiliar social platforms in a different language and a country half way round the world.

No Access to Data

Don’t wait for your China team
to send you updates.
Get data in realtime, 24/7.

Localizing for China

Struggling to connect with your audience in China – understand how your brand is being perceived.

Crossing Timezones

Don’t get stuck, just because your colleagues are sleeping – collaborate asynchronously.

Get Your Social Media Right in
The World’s Fastest Growing Market

Weekly Reports

Get a simple summary in your inbox in your language, without anyone having to lift a finger.

High Level Dashboards

It’s your social data and we want you to have access to it. With KAWO’s Enterprise API and connector for Google Data Studio, it’s easy to bring your China social data into high level marketing dashboards.

Everything in
Your Language

The whole of KAWO is available in English and Chinese and even supports automatic translation of Chinese posts into English if you’re curious what is being said.

Clear Approval

Protect the reputation of your brand with simple and transparent approval. Set permissions and then only content approved by authorized users can be published.

China Demystified

Let’s be honest, social media is a totally different world in China. Throughout KAWO you’ll find definitions of China social media metrics to help you really understand what the data is telling you.

Global Solution

China is such a unique market that no single solution can cover the whole world. KAWO partners closely with Emplifi and Hootsuite to support clients with the best solution for different markets.