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KAWO deeply understands that security is the foundation of any marketing success, and has established different permissions for accounts access, content alerts, and publishing approval to ensure brand safety.

Customized Permissions for Various Roles

KAWO offers four distinct roles for different social media channels, ensuring that team members across departments, branches, or agencies have their own accounts with corresponding permissions. Brands can easily assign or withdraw account access with a single click, minimizing the risk of social media account breaches due to password leaks or role changes.

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Eliminate Compliance Risk
With Intelligent Content Alerts

KAWO’s Content Alert feature enables brands to proactively manage content compliance risks before publishing. It identifies sensitive information in text, images, and videos, ensuring content complies with laws, industry standards, and social media channel regulations.

Two-Step Approval Process
For Publishing Safety

KAWO implements a two-step approval process, ensuring that only approved content is released. Moreover, team members can conveniently review content via WeChat mini-programs on their phones, eliminating delays even when away from their computers.

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Enhance Account Safety
With Two-Factor Authentication

KAWO’s Two-Factor Authentication offers added security by requiring team members to use a combination of email and password, along with mobile verification or WeChat QR code, for secondary verification during login. This ensures the security of individual accounts, especially in large enterprises.

Strict Compliance With Industry Standards and Legal Requirements

KAWO’s data processing strictly adheres to the Personal Information Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China, and is certificated with Multi-level Protection of Information Security Scheme, ensuring compliance with industry standards, legal regulations, and data protection requirements.

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