Patch  Tue 19 Apr

Version 25.10.2

  • Now we display WeChat Channel, Profile & Mini-Program cards correctly in WeChat articles.
Minor  Thu 7 Apr

Version 25.10

  • We’ve released beta version for Douyin, Kuaishou, RED, and WeChat Channel competitors.
  • We’ve released beta version that you can filter by account the top content for the new competitor networks.
  • We’ve released beta version that you You can request by url competitor accounts that are not yet tracked by New Rank (for Douyin, Kuaishou, RED only).
Patch  Wed 30 Mar

Version 25.9.4

  • Douyin API now supports 500 characters per post.
Patch  Mon 28 Mar

Version 25.9.2

  • We’ve fixed a bug with displaying campaign Kuaishou & Douyin stats. 🐛
Patch  Fri 18 Mar

Version 25.9.1

  • We’ve fixed a bug with internal comment text overflowing off screen.🐛
  • We’ve fixed a bug with dashboard planning tile linking to the wrong network.🐛
Minor  Thu 17 Mar

Version 25.9

  • You can now add images to internal comments for improved collaboration.
  • We’ve fixed a bug with loading more WeChat QR Codes. 🐛
  • You can now see the raw url of your WeChat QR codes.
Patch  Tue 8 Mar

Version 25.8.4

  • We’ve fixed a bug with adding WeChat competitor accounts.🐛
Patch  Mon 7 Mar

Version 25.8.3

  • We’ve fixed a bug with saving wechat article tags on non-published posts.🐛
  • Admin: You will now be prompted to set a “paid date” after setting invoices to “paid”.
Minor  Thu 3 Mar

Version 25.8

  • We’ve released Beta version for Xiumi Article Gallery Integration.
  • You can now see changes highlighted when viewing WeChat article revisions.
  • You can now save WeChat articles without setting a cover image, note that you will not be able to approve or publish posts with missing cover images
  • WeChat posts must now always be scheduled before being published.
  • Setting required tags is no longer required for saving WeChat articles.
  • We’ve fixed a bug with displaying search totals for WeChat clicks. 🐛
  • We’ve fixed a bug with editing and displaying campaign kpis. 🐛
  • Non-Weibo Posts that failed to publish due to approval will display as red on the month view
Patch  Thu 17 Feb

Version 25.7.4

  • We’ve fixed a bug with negative stats on charts. 🐛
  • We’ve fixed brand names on invoices after brands have been moved out of the organization.🐛
  • Updated Weibo emojis. ✌️