Latest KAWO Platform Updates

Patch  Thu 22 Sep

Version 27.0.4

  • Fixed a bug with creating the first Weibo competitor group.
  • Updated Weibo emojis.
Patch  Thu 1 Sep

Version 27.0.3

  • Fixed a bug with wechat competitor profile images in the weekly report archive.
  • The default video upload limit is now 250mb.

Patch  Mon 22 Aug

Version 27.0.2

  • Fixed a bug with some links getting removed in the WeChat article editor.
Patch  Thu 18 Aug

Version 27.0.1

  • Improved tooltip messages for newly added New Rank competitor accounts
  • Display update frequency per inspiration network in the inspiration settings
  • Updated Weibo emojis
Major  Mon 15 Aug

Version 27

  • KAWO now supports 4 new competitor networks! Douyin, Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu, & WeChat Channels.
  • You can now filter competitors top content per account.
Major  Mon 8 Aug

Version 26

  • KAWO now supports Xiumi! You can sync, plan, collaborate, & publish your Xiumi WeChat articles through KAWO.

Patch  Thu 4 Aug

Version 25.11.6

  • Fixed a bug with opening Weibo competitor’s top post on Weibo. 🐛
  • Minor improvements to the competitor’s UI.

Patch  Tue 19 Jul

Version 25.11.5

  • Fixed the post count for the current brand in the Weibo competitor account stats.
  • Fixed a bug with enabling Chrome notifications.
Patch  Mon 18 Jul

Version 25.11.4

  • Fixed a bug with loading more than 25 competitors top content.
Patch  Mon 18 Jul

Version 25.11.3

  • Competitors Beta: You can now use auto-translate on the top content of the new competitor networks.
  • Competitors Beta: You can now filter competitor accounts for WeChat OA & Weibo competitors top content.
  • Competitors Beta: Improvements to the competitors UI in Chinese.
  • Fixed a bug with the date range on the export competitor filename.
  • Updated Weibo emojis.