Patch  Tue 23 Nov

Version 25.3.5

  • Made new calendar date picker easier to use.
  • Removed demographic stats & related segments feature (no longer supported by WeChat APIs).
  • We’ve fixed a bug with Douyin/Kuaishou follower data in KPIs and timeline.
  • We’ve fixed a bug with quick post ideas on touch devices.

Patch  Thu 18 Nov

Version 25.3.4

  • We’ve fixed a bug causing KPIs to not appear. 🐛
  • We’ve improved css styles on mobile devices. 

Minor  Tue 9 Nov

Version 25.3

  • New Week View UI.
  • We’ve updated Date Select UI.
  • We’ve fixed issues with hover elements breaking off page. 🐛
  • We‘ve added support for future calendar events format.
  • We’ve updated competitor posts stats. 

Patch  Thu 4 Nov

Version 25.2.11

  • Users now can view the full text on Weibo inspiration posts.

Patch  Wed 3 Nov

Version 25.2.10

  • KAWO increased tags‘ name characters up to 62. 
  • We’ve fixed a bug with editing links in Weibo posts. 🐛

Patch  Tue 2 Nov

Version 25.2.9

  • We’ve fixed WeChat post stat column headers for Mobile. 🐛
  • We’ve fixed top post stat icons in weekly reports. 🐛

Patch  Thu 28 Oct

Version 25.2.8

  • We’ve fixed loading more content when searching in table mode.🐛
  • We’ve improved displaying images in Weibo reposts.

Patch  Thu 21 Oct

Version 25.2.5

  • We’ve dded a button to unfavorite the current brand in the favorite brands list.

Patch  Wed 20 Oct

Version 25.2.3

  • We’ve fixed a bug with clicking links in internal notes “change history.” 🐛

Patch  Tue 19 Oct

Version 25.2.2

  • We’ve fixed a bug with renaming tags. 🐛
  • Updated Weibo emojis. 😊