Latest KAWO Platform Updates

Minor  Yesterday

Version 25.11

  • Weibo posts will now display the IP location that you saved the post from.

Patch  Yesterday

Version 25.10.16

  • You can now see the WeChat article position in the search results table.
  • Fixed some bugs with the WeChat post reads pie chart. 🐛
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the published date for segmented WeChat posts. 🐛
  • Updated Weibo post impressions update frequency message.

Patch  Thu 23 Jun

Version 25.10.14

  • Improved QR Code stats Chinese description
  • Fixed competitors export image filename

Patch  Thu 23 Jun

Version 25.10.13

  • Use scheduled date in spreadsheet export for scheduled WeChat articles
  • Include network in the filename for competitors’ spreadsheet export
  • Fixed Emplifi login when 3rd-party cookies disabled causing fail to load
  • Renamed competitor networks to WeChat OA & Xiaohongshu
Patch  Thu 16 Jun

Version 25.10.12

  • Fixed a bug with pasting WeChat read more links. 🐛

Patch  Thu 16 Jun

Version 25.10.11

  • Updated some stat definitions for Douyin and Kuaishou stats.
  • Fixed some incorrect Chinese on some buttons and post history.

Patch  Tue 31 May

Version 25.10.8

  • We’ve fixed a bug with deleting assets from posts
  • We’ve fixed account profile images on the charts for new competitors beta
  • Correct account ID will show when searching new competitor networks
  • Update frequency will show for new competitor networks
  • Minor tweaks for new competitors beta
Patch  Tue 19 Apr

Version 25.10.2

  • Now we display WeChat Channel, Profile & Mini-Program cards correctly in WeChat articles.
Minor  Thu 7 Apr

Version 25.10

  • We’ve released beta version for Douyin, Kuaishou, RED, and WeChat Channel competitors.
  • We’ve released beta version that you can filter by account the top content for the new competitor networks.
  • We’ve released beta version that you You can request by url competitor accounts that are not yet tracked by New Rank (for Douyin, Kuaishou, RED only).
Patch  Wed 30 Mar

Version 25.9.4

  • Douyin API now supports 500 characters per post.