Latest KAWO Platform Updates

Patch  Sat 11 May

Version 38.2.10

  • Fixed a bug with scrambled Chinese characters in the tags pie chart image export 🐛
  • Fixed a bug preventing image export for the WeChat tags pie chart 🐛
Patch  Fri 10 May

Version 38.2.8

  • Fixed post’s scheduling UI not updating immediately when the scheduled time has changed.🐛
Patch  Thu 9 May

Version 38.2.7

  • Updated Organization Stats UI to only display livestream stats for organizations with Douyin accounts connected
Patch  Wed 8 May

Version 38.2.6

  • Improved UI for when system is pending adding inspiration sources due to being rate-limited by the source networks
Patch  Wed 8 May

Version 38.2.5

  • Fixed a bug with displaying the followers gained and lost chart when set to weekly granularity 🐛
  • Fixed a bug with uploading a profile image in brand settings🐛