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KAWO provide brands with a powerful social media management and social data insights platform. Apart from gaining insight into consumers and strengthening brand image through multi-dimensional data of KAWO, brands can also keep abreast of industry trends, win outstanding social performance and high ROI, thus stand out among the fierce competition.

KAWO is trusted by business of all size across the globe

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The success of social media comes from occasional flashes of inspiration and a seamless workflow of routine tasks

Multiple Accounts
In One Dashboard

Gather your sub-brands and different tier mainstream social media accounts into one single high-level view. Learn More >>

✔️ Overview and highlights
✔️ Shared marketing assets
✔️ Collaboration tracking
✔️ KPI monitoring

Reports and Data Insights

Discover social media performance in a intuitive way and obtain accurate data of your own brand and competitors anytime and anywhere. Efficiency improved with ease. Learn more >>

✔️ Content performance
✔️ Data analysis
✔️ Competitor ranking
✔️ Word cloud

Account Security
and Content Compliance

Automatically content compliance auditing on the could and account authorization management ensuring the security of brand assets.

✔️ Compliance alerts
✔️ Authorization assignment
✔️ Multi-step approval
✔️ Security management

Some of The Positive Impacts
Brands Immediately See After Using KAWO

Overview of sub-brands performance across channels

Instantly know your sub-brands performance across all social channels and the status of KPI completion at a glance.

Secure brand assets

Reduce risks caused by content compliance, clear approval process with authorization and minimize account security risks from role change.

Save valuable time

Optimize repetitive manual tasks: data collection and reports generation, backend login and channel switching, collaboration across teams, best time to post, etc.

Why Choosing KAWO

Standard SaaS platform
No need private deployment
First-class user experience
Quickly get started
Skillful in product within 1h
Exclusive CSM for Q&A
Quarterly customized data insights sharing session


Social Management Specialist

“There has been a long-term lack of mature social media insights and management tools in China, and the emergence of KAWO has solved this pain point. Our social media team uses KAWO to capture key indicators, monitor content progress, track daily plans, and analyze the performance of different content in various channels based on the statistics provided. Within KAWO we can better link Chinese fans on social media .”

CMOs, Let’s Make Your Role Easier with KAWO

Make informed decisions fast. Ensure your brand stays on-brand, on social media in China.

We know you are dealing with…

Disconnected Data
Inefficient Teamwork
Limited Budget

So we solved that with…

Data Insights

Get detailed data insights from all your China social media channels. Automated, customized reports means your team works smarter, not harder.

Brand Security

No more usernames and passwords. Add unlimited users, and grant or deny access in two clicks.

Hit Realistic KPIs

Setting unrealistic KPIs is a recipe for disaster. KAWO sets you up for success by using historical data to suggest achievable goals and show progress in real time.

Integrated API

With KAWO’s Enterprise API and connector for Looker Studio, it’s easy to bring your China social data into high- level marketing dashboards, along with your backend user data.

Here’s what a CMO has to say about KAWO

Global Marketing Managers, Make China Simple

Different languages and different platforms are no problem with KAWO.

We know you are dealing with…

Data Access
Unfamiliar Audience
Crossing Timezones

So we solved that with…

High-Level Dashboards

You don’t need to be an excel wizard. KAWO’s Enterprise API and connector for Looker Studio your China social data into high-level, easy-to-navigate dashboards.

China Demystified

Don’t just monitor your performance. Understand it. Throughout KAWO you’ll find definitions of China social media metrics to help you understand what the data is telling you.

Everything in
Your Language

KAWO is available in English and supports automatic translation of posts to make sure everyone on your team knows what is being published.

Global Solution

We know your brand is global, and so are we. KAWO partners closely with Emplifi and Hootsuite to offer clients streamlined workflows for multiple markets.

Brand Managers, Simplify Your Workflow and Achieve Better Outcomes

Brand building requires a well-thought strategy and precise execution.

We know you are dealing with…

Lacking Insights
Research Competitors
Chaotic Workflow

So we solved that with…

Targeted Content Strategy

Content tagging allows you to track which type of content delivers certain results. Making it easy to structure your content plan and optimize for your desired result.

Monitor Competitors

Automatically monitor the performance of your competitors. Browse their top content and easily gain insights into potential growth opportunities for your brand.

Smart Scheduling

Get your content in front of the right eyes at the right time. KAWO’s machine learning helps schedule your content for the optimal time based on your audience’s preferences.

Clear Approval

Nothing gets published without permission. Protect the reputation of your brand with customizable transparent approval processes and automated intelligent content compliance detection.

Here’s What a Brand Manager has to say about KAWO

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