Prove the Value of
to Your Team

Effortlessly show the ROI and the impact social media is driving. 

Auto-generate reports and data analysis to share with your team so they know in real-time what engages and attracts your audience so that they can create more magic. 

No More Guessing

Know what content creates the most impact

Meet KPIs

Set realistic targets & keep everyone on track to hit them

Improve Efficiency

Collect data & generate reports in seconds 

User-Friendly Dashboards

Instantly know how you’re performing across all of your social channels at a glance. Identify what’s going well, and what isn’t.

Anyone Can Be a Data Analyst

Ever seen a spike or a dip in a graph, but don’t know why? KAWO’s data analysis makes everyone on your team a data-detective. Instantly find out why something changed using real-time data and notify the right people.

Metrics That Make Your Life Easier

Automatically integrate, calculate and rank how your social media posts are performing. Need to visualize it? No problem, KAWO will do it for you. Now you can use your time to adapt your content and social media strategies according to the common traits of the most successful posts. Learn More>>

Competitor Monitoring

Benchmark your own performance and keep ahead of your rivals. Use their growth to discover new opportunities. Easily export competitor monitoring reports to share with your team. Learn more>>

Organize Content with Tagging

KAWO’s tagging feature helps to identify which posts connect with your followers and which could be improved. Stop wasting time creating content that produces no ROI. Learn more >>

Campaign Management

Integrate and manage all your campaigns across multiple social media channels with ease in one place. Automatically monitor and track real-time performance and KPI progress to quickly adjust social media strategies. Learn more >>

Automatic Reports

Stop crunching data and making presentations. KAWO will automatically generate custom reports and data analysis. Now your team can spend time on work that delivers results.  

Set Smarter KPIs

KAWO’s smart predictions let you see far in advance if you’re on target. If you’re not, you’ll be able to adjust before it’s too late. Learn more>>

Media Valuations

Proving the value of social can be incredibly hard. KAWO’s equivalent media valuations help you put a value on the exposure achieved through WeChat and Weibo to justify your investment.

Keep Track of Important Learnings

Share your insights or highlight notable events to the rest of your team by annotating your timeline. New team members can quickly learn from your successes and failures in the past.

Say goodbye to reporting nightmares!