Collaboration Suite

A Powerful Tool for Collaboration

From scheduling, creating, auditing, to publishing, KAWO enables all members to collaborate and communicate across and within organizations seamlessly within one platform.

Stress-Free Campaign Management

Bid farewell to endless spreadsheets, scattered notifications, and repetitive confirmations across group chats and teams. With KAWO’s shared calendar tailored for social media marketing teams, members can effortlessly distinguish between campaigns using various colors and status indicators. This allows for seamless coordination of campaign schedules with corresponding materials, ensuring smooth sailing for every upcoming campaign. Read More >>

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Optimized Scheduling for Maximum Impact

Harness the power of machine learning to determine the optimal posting times, enhancing the visibility and engagement of your high-quality content when it matters most. KAWO‘s Smart Scheduling goes beyond the limitations of standard scheduling windows on major social media platforms, facilitating flawless execution and preventing unnecessary working overtime.

Transparent Processes Enable Efficient
Collaboration Across Departments and Enterprises

From internal marketing, legal, headquarters audit team, external marketing agencies or partners, KAWO unites all stakeholders in one platform for real-time communication, mentions and comments. With comprehensive historical records stored, transparent collaboration mode keeps everyone informed about project progress, ensuring efficient teamwork across departments and enterprises.

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