Know Your Customers Better
—— Powered by AI

Never miss a single message, comment or opinion again.
KAWO Engage helps you interact with your customers to gain trust, build brand loyalty and learn what they want. We make it quick and easy.

AI sentiment and emotion analysis let you know how your customers are reacting to your content so that you can refine follower profiles and fine tune your marketing strategy. 

All-in-one Inbox for Community Management

Assign Ownership 

No more messages falling through the cracks. Assign a single message to a specific team member so that responses are issued quickly and efficiently. 

Custom Tagging

Sort messages, inquiries and responses with one or multiple tags to analyze interactions across various social media channels.

Enter keywords to quickly dig out and organize related messages instantly and accurately.

WeChat Official Account

Manage all private messages and comments under a pushed article and get to know your follower profiles in a single view.


Manage all comments and reposts in one place and easily learn how much engagement your customers have with your brand with response rates.

Quick Filter

Filter messages rapidly based on a certain set of criteria – tags, types, sentiments, emotions and influence levels.

Gain Critical Market Insights by AI Analysis

AI Emotion & Sentiment Analysis

Improve customer service and boost audience engagement using machine-learning-based insights. Know how your audience feels about interactions they have with your brand through published content or direct messaging. 

Know What’s Really Good and What’s Really Bad

Optimize your content strategy by analyzing the traits of the most positive and negative posts.

Find Your
Biggest Fans

Reach out to those who engage with your brand frequently. Learn about their needs and wants. Provide value beyond products and services.

Influence on Weibo

Score your content influence level based on the impact of your engaged audiences – number of followers, following and follower ratio, verification and personal profiles.

Get Data That Matters with KAWO Reporting

Automatically gather and easily view a score of three sentiments, five emotions and four influence levels for your all social media accounts or just a single piece of content. Download charts and sheets with just one click.

Make Better Decisions with KAWO Engage