Enterprise Dashboard

Go from Complex,
to Streamlined

KAWO helps organization unify all the social media accounts of bricks and mortars, distributors and store staff in one place for better management . 

One Dashboard, the Whole View

The easiest way to know the overall brand performance on social media is to view the key performance indicators such as organization resources, brand activeness, organization influence in Data Overview. No matter the corporate accounts, store accounts and staff accounts, with given access, the administrator is able to quickly view and understand the sub-account performance through visualized ranking in different dimensions to achieve unified management.

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Social Media Performance at Hand

Say goodbye to fussy spreadsheets! With KAWO, the real-time data performance of different social media channels can be viewed at any time, such as followers, the number of posts and engagements for social media marketing ROI evaluation and resources planning. Data-driven decisions are more easily to be made to achieve business growth.

Real-time Tracking of Social Media KPIs

After setting a growth target corresponding to the performance of the past 30 days, such as follower growth and reads through the KPI management function, the dashboard will display the progress of KPI completion in real time, which simplifies the internal data tracking and reporting process, and to focus more on the achievement of goals. Enjoy the cheer of achieving social media performance beyond expectations together with the team! Read More >>

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Achieving Unified Management on Social Media Channels

Easier than ever!