KAWO Calculated Metrics Explained

Marketers in China often zoom in on “Open Rate” as a vital gauge for WeChat Official account performance. Another common goal? Growing that follower base.

While open rate offers insights into your existing followers, it doesn’t necessarily align with gaining new ones. The magic happens when your audience shares your content, drawing in fresh followers. WeChat users wield the power to share content on their Moments or send it directly to friends via chat.

Here, KAWO steps in to track how frequently your content gets shared, estimating the average number of new followers gained through these shares. Plus, we’ve got a secret weapon: the “Amplification Ratio”. This ratio reveals how your content spreads beyond your current followers, potentially reaching new audiences.

According to KAWO database, on average, 65% of readers read your content from Push Messages, around 6% through shared to moments and 8% via shared by a friend in chat. A quick glance might make you think “Sharing to Friends” is more effective than “Sharing to Moments”. But, it’s more likely for people to share content with friends than on their WeChat Moments. Our data shows roughly 77% of sharing happens with Friends and only about 23% with Moments.

Let’s dive into the metrics:

Swift, Tailored Insights into Your WeChat Content with KAWO’s Calculated Metrics

Ever wished for content insights that match your brand’s vibe in just a few minutes? ChatGPT might just be your magic wand for Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn content 🪄

While ChatGPT works wonders in many realms, it faces a Great Wall in China. Unfortunately, it can’t tap into popular social networks like WeChat. So, if your brand shines in China using a WeChat Official Account, brace yourself for some extra legwork: You’ll need to manually select and tidy up data from the WeChat backend before feeding it into ChatGPT.

If the thought of working smart, not hard, resonates with you, this article is your secret weapon.😏

Sailing the WeChat Seas: Your Definitive Guide to Open and Verify Your WeChat Official Account

With a staggering 1.3 billion users, WeChat stands tall as China’s go-to app for messaging, socializing, payments, and beyond. From dawn till dusk, it intertwines with the daily lives of countless Chinese citizens. No wonder brands are drawn to it as a key channel to connect with potential and devoted customers.

In this post, we’ll cover some of the most important things brands and agencies need to know about opening a WeChat Official Account (OA) and getting it verified:

Feel the freedom to jump between sections or buckle up for a comprehensive journey. Let’s embark on this WeChat adventure together!

How to Plan and Execute a Winning Double 11 Strategy

Double 11 (aka Single’s Day) is no longer dominated by Alibaba — instead, the world’s largest online shopping festival is now an intrinsic part of the entire China digital ecosystem. It’s a period many brands look to each year to win big. But competition is fierce! The actual task of driving traffic to your platform during major sales events like Double 11 requires a strategic and multi-faceted approach.

Different platforms play unique roles in contributing to the frenzy, leveraging their strengths to attract users and boost sales. Understanding which platforms will be best for your brand and industry is crucial to success.

In this post we’ll break down how different platforms drive traffic and give you a set of guidelines for crafting an effective Double 11 strategy as well as highlight some specific examples of brands who did Double 11 right in the past few years. Buckle up! It’s a long post, but you’ll want to save this one 👇🏼

Measure Awareness Conversion of Your Audience and Beware of Vanity Metrics

Top-of-funnel performance is usually hard to track and measure. That’s why we need to take advantage of unique QR codes to better categorize sources where followers come from to find the most loyal audience.

A QR code is essentially a unique URL link stored in a graphic, which can be scanned and read by smartphones. It’s a convenient and secure way to access information and services online, often used in payment, account following, targeted communications, etc.

A diagram shows different types of WeChat QR code

*Most QR code actions happen in WeChat. Therefore we use WeChat as an example.

How to Find and Measure the Right Source?

Let’s say a beauty brand kicked off two campaigns: One is about free giveaways of sample products, and the other one is about a partnership with a KOL sharing beauty tips. After respective audiences scan the unique QR code of each campaign to gain access to the giveaway, marketers can monitor their unfollowing decisions: Do they just accept the value and leave or do they stay, and for how long? When the account pushes new content, are they still willing to be there and listen? It’ll help you gain insights into your followers’ behaviors.