What Is a Good WeChat OA Open Rate?

Many social marketers have the same questions while doing data reports: Is our content more popular than competitors? What’s the best way to measure the performance of brands’ own social media accounts?
Although there are plenty of studies and data on the overall open rate of WeChat Official Accounts (OA), specific researches on the open rate of brands’ official accounts remain missing. That’s why KAWO extracted 18 month of data from KAWO’s own database to help set a clear open rate benchmark to assist marketers in their future efforts.

1. No correlation between followers size and the open rate

It’s natural to develope open rate benchmark hypothesis like ‘smaller accounts may have higher open rates’ … which was the exact angel that we selected when first conducting our research (as shown below):

Potential correlation between followers size and open rate:
Categorize subscription and service account into Small (less than 10k followers), medium (between 10k to 100k followers) and Large (more than 100k followers) types to see corresponding average open rates.

2023 China Marketing Calendar

Managing a social media content calendar is hard enough, and it just gets more stressful when trying to keep track of all the holidays and marketing events in China.
This is why KAWO put together The Ultimate China Marketing Calendar to inspire and guide your 2023 marketing plans.

Here is Your China Marketing Calendar for 2023



New Year’s Day

SAT 21 → FRI 27 JAN

Spring Festival

SAT 28 & SUN 29 JAN

Spring Festival Make-up Days

Guide to Chinese Weibo Image Sizes 2022

Sina Weibo is a Chinese microblogging website, a hybrid between Facebook and Twitter. It is also one of the most widely used social networking platforms in China. Brands use Weibo in order to announce product releases, engage with their fans and followers, and to distribute brand relevant content.
Here we take a look at different Weibo image sizes specifically for distribution on Weibo to help you properly present your visual information:

Note: All images have a maximum file size of 5MB. JPG, GIF, or PNG.  

2022 Ultimate China Social Media Cheat Sheet

We released the “2022 Ultimate China Social Media Marketing Cheatsheet” for brands and agencies to have a better understanding of China’s social media landscape to optimize brands’ social media strategies. In the sheet, we have provided an overview of the country’s mainstream social media platforms in terms of their monthly active users (MAU), demographics, content formats, paid ad options, among other factors. 

We also have collected 6 interesting updates and trends happening with different platforms :

Internet in China: The Changing Nature of Chinese Internet Users

In our previous post we covered why the social media landscape in China is so different from the rest of the world. In this post, we will take a look at how rapid changes in Chinese economy have changed the Internet landscape – mainly because of the people accessing it.

  • How has the profile of Chinese netizens changed over the past 20 years?
  • What trends have these changes brought along for Chinese internet users?
  • What these changes mean for your China content strategy?

This content is adapted from our Ultimate Guide to China Social Media Marketing 2022. As the name suggests, this is the guide to read if social media marketing in China is on your radar. If you haven’t read it yet, here’s the link to the full guide!

Internet in China: Why is the Social Media Landscape So Different in China?

We recently published our Ultimate Guide to China Social Media Marketing 2022. As the name suggests, this is the guide to read if social media marketing in China is on your radar.

This is the first post in a long series of breaking down each chapter and/or section within the guide. If you haven’t read it yet, here’s the link to the full guide!

You probably know that you can’t access networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many more in China. In this post, we’re tracing back to how the internet in China became what it is today!

  • When and how did internet become a thing in China?
  • Who were the first internet users in China?
  • Why is the social media landscape so different in China?
  • What does it all mean for your marketing strategy?

2022 China Marketing Calendar

Managing a social media content calendar is hard enough, and it just gets more stressful when trying to keep track of all the holidays in China.

china marketing calendar

This is why we’ve put together The Ultimate China Marketing Calendar, with events to inspire & guide your 2022 marketing plans. Use it to plan ahead and ensure you never miss out on relevant dates and holidays!

Here is Your China Marketing Calendar for 2022



New Year’s Day


Hugging Day


World Education Day

SAT 29 & SUN 30 JAN

Spring Festival Make Up Days


Chinese New Year’s Eve

Free Image Resizing Tools for Social Media 2022

Adding images to your content makes your posts more engaging, fun and memorable. However, the worst thing you can do today is posting an incorrectly sized photo to your social channels. In this article, we will cover free image resizing tools to compress your photos for social.

Guide to Chinese Social Media Image Size: WeChat 2022

With over 1.25 billion registered users, WeChat, the almighty Chinese super app, provides a unique platform for brands to connect with the masses. (Learn more about WeChat from our Ultimate Guide) Here we take a look at image size specifically for distribution on WeChat. 

In this article, we are covering the following image types:

Note: WeChat has lifted the upper size limit to 10MB to accommodate high resolution images. However, it doesn’t mean you should upload images with sizes bigger than necessary as it’ll slow down the loading speed of the article, hampering reading experience.

Profile Picture Size– 383 x 383

recommend size is 383x383 pixels, yet 200x200 is suffice as long as you keep the ratio at 1:1

Article Preview Header Size– 900 x 383 

The article preview header image spans the top of your account post and it’s the first thing the reader sees. Here’s your chance to be creative and make your article captivating. 

The ratio is always 2.35:1, keep the most captivating information in the center of the image

Article Preview Thumbnail Image Size – 383 x 383 

ratio is always 1:1

Article Inline Image Size– 400 x Any

Its image size displays at a length of 400 pixels, but higher resolution is also recommended. 

The illustration of article inline image size

How can we help

WeChat backend can help you crop images of any ratios into the suggested sizes above, but there seems to be a delay in updating the article preview header after you crop it differently in a short amount of time.

In KAWO backend, all the updates will be in real time and it can also show you what the cropped image looks like in article history, article search and shared article, as illustrated in the left column of the video.

Want to learn more about KAWO’s platform? Visit our website here.