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KAWO: Evolution of Collaboration in Social Media Management

Since its inception, KAWO has championed transparent collaboration workflows, integrating this principle not only into team management but also into its product development ethos. Over the years, our clients have enthusiastically embraced this approach to social media management, recognizing the value of simplified and transparent workflows in fostering efficient teamwork. It is the unwavering support of our client teams that has enabled us to maintain key features like “single user permissions” within our product offerings.

Yet, over the past decade, the Chinese social media scene has undergone a remarkable transformation. What was once an unstructured approach to social media management has evolved into a more sophisticated operation, resulting in substantial changes in the scale of brands’ social media activities. Some brands, which previously focused solely on “Duo Wei” (WeChat + Weibo), have now expanded their presence to include a cross-platform social media array (“Duo Wei” + Kuaishou + Douyin + Little Red Book + Bilibili) across all product lines. In response to these shifting user demands, KAWO has implemented significant product enhancements.

How Competitor Tracking Can Either Hurt or Help Your Brand Performance on Social Media

So, you’re nosy—totally normal! We’ve all been there, peeking over the fence to see what the neighbors are up to. But when it comes to your brand’s strategy, is stalking the competition really the secret sauce? Well, not exactly. It’s a bit like trying to copy your friend’s answers in class—might work sometimes, but you won’t ace the test.

It comes as no surprise to us that the ability to track competitor performance in China has been one of the most requested KAWO features — so, being the customer-centric SaaS company we are, of course, we built it! But, dear friends, it’s how you use it that will make the real difference.

The KAWO Competitor Tracking feature is like the Sherlock Holmes of brand strategy but without the deerstalker hat. So, how can playing detective with your competitors actually help your brand performance in China, without turning into a hot mess? Stick around; we’re about to spill the tea!

KAWO Calculated Metrics Explained

Marketers in China often zoom in on “Open Rate” as a vital gauge for WeChat Official account performance. Another common goal? Growing that follower base.

While open rate offers insights into your existing followers, it doesn’t necessarily align with gaining new ones. The magic happens when your audience shares your content, drawing in fresh followers. WeChat users wield the power to share content on their Moments or send it directly to friends via chat.

Here, KAWO steps in to track how frequently your content gets shared, estimating the average number of new followers gained through these shares. Plus, we’ve got a secret weapon: the “Amplification Ratio”. This ratio reveals how your content spreads beyond your current followers, potentially reaching new audiences.

According to KAWO database, on average, 65% of readers read your content from Push Messages, around 6% through shared to moments and 8% via shared by a friend in chat. A quick glance might make you think “Sharing to Friends” is more effective than “Sharing to Moments”. But, it’s more likely for people to share content with friends than on their WeChat Moments. Our data shows roughly 77% of sharing happens with Friends and only about 23% with Moments.

Let’s dive into the metrics:

Swift, Tailored Insights into Your WeChat Content with KAWO’s Calculated Metrics

Ever wished for content insights that match your brand’s vibe in just a few minutes? ChatGPT might just be your magic wand for Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn content 🪄

While ChatGPT works wonders in many realms, it faces a Great Wall in China. Unfortunately, it can’t tap into popular social networks like WeChat. So, if your brand shines in China using a WeChat Official Account, brace yourself for some extra legwork: You’ll need to manually select and tidy up data from the WeChat backend before feeding it into ChatGPT.

If the thought of working smart, not hard, resonates with you, this article is your secret weapon.😏

Draw Chinese Consumer Insights from Analyzing Your Competitors’ Social Media Performance

Understanding consumers’ needs and wants is of great importance to marketing teams as it eliminates guesswork in decision-making. Do you know you can draw consumer insights from benchmarking your competitors’ social media performance? And KAWO can help you with that by having a fast and cost-effective way to understand the needs of your target customers in China. 🎯

How exactly? You can use KAWO to:

  • Explore the keywords and content that are trending in your peer group to learn what your competitors’ customers are interested in or not;
  • Discover and analyze your competitors’ best social media practices;
  • Identify your position in relation to industry averages and mediums of social media metrics, such as Follower Growth, Engagement, and Reach
  • More