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KAWO Calculated Metrics Explained

Marketers in China often zoom in on “Open Rate” as a vital gauge for WeChat Official account performance. Another common goal? Growing that follower base.

While open rate offers insights into your existing followers, it doesn’t necessarily align with gaining new ones. The magic happens when your audience shares your content, drawing in fresh followers. WeChat users wield the power to share content on their Moments or send it directly to friends via chat.

Here, KAWO steps in to track how frequently your content gets shared, estimating the average number of new followers gained through these shares. Plus, we’ve got a secret weapon: the “Amplification Ratio”. This ratio reveals how your content spreads beyond your current followers, potentially reaching new audiences.

According to KAWO database, on average, 65% of readers read your content from Push Messages, around 6% through shared to moments and 8% via shared by a friend in chat. A quick glance might make you think “Sharing to Friends” is more effective than “Sharing to Moments”. But, it’s more likely for people to share content with friends than on their WeChat Moments. Our data shows roughly 77% of sharing happens with Friends and only about 23% with Moments.

Let’s dive into the metrics:

Swift, Tailored Insights into Your WeChat Content with KAWO’s Calculated Metrics

Ever wished for content insights that match your brand’s vibe in just a few minutes? ChatGPT might just be your magic wand for Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn content 🪄

While ChatGPT works wonders in many realms, it faces a Great Wall in China. Unfortunately, it can’t tap into popular social networks like WeChat. So, if your brand shines in China using a WeChat Official Account, brace yourself for some extra legwork: You’ll need to manually select and tidy up data from the WeChat backend before feeding it into ChatGPT.

If the thought of working smart, not hard, resonates with you, this article is your secret weapon.😏

Draw Chinese Consumer Insights from Analyzing Your Competitors’ Social Media Performance

Understanding consumers’ needs and wants is of great importance to marketing teams as it eliminates guesswork in decision-making. Do you know you can draw consumer insights from benchmarking your competitors’ social media performance? And KAWO can help you with that by having a fast and cost-effective way to understand the needs of your target customers in China. 🎯

How exactly? You can use KAWO to:

  • Explore the keywords and content that are trending in your peer group to learn what your competitors’ customers are interested in or not;
  • Discover and analyze your competitors’ best social media practices;
  • Identify your position in relation to industry averages and mediums of social media metrics, such as Follower Growth, Engagement, and Reach
  • More

Unleash the Power of Social Media Analysis to Boost Your Brand Success in China 🌟

Global brands in China are more socially involved than ever as social media accounts let you communicate with your target audience and customers immediately and directly, and most importantly, build a lasting relationship that boost brand loyalty for the brand.

But, the question is how can you tell if the brand’s social media profiles are driving good engagement to keep your competitors at bay, and help you excel in your field?

As a marketing professional, you probably already know that social media analysis is the answer to this question; without it, your brand will have difficulty determining whether or not and how your Chinese social presence is helping you build a name there.

Read on to learn about the benefits of social media analysis, and how you can run them yourself to optimize your Chinese social media accounts in a smarter way.

See Your Chinese Social Come to Life with☝️Content Publishing & Analytics Tool for WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou, and Bilibili

If you’re an international company based outside China, and uses Chinese social media such as WeChat, Weibo, and Douyin, you may face such challenges:

😫 Cannot see what the content actually looks like before they are out?

😫 Don’t know exactly what time, what content types and formats work best for your target audience?

😫 The language barrier and time difference even further complicate the process of approving, scheduling and publishing content?

    We understand your struggles. In fact, more than 75% of KAWO’s clients face similar issues, which is why we have built a solution to address these challenges.

    WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou, and Bilibili are fully integrated into KAWO, a bilingual (Chinese & English) platform that lets you write, edit, publish, and manage multi-accounts across social networks in one place from any time zones 🌍.

    Let’s take a look at a few features that could make your life easier 👇

    1. Post Editors

    2. Smart Scheduling

    3. Tag Insights