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KAWO: Evolution of Collaboration in Social Media Management

Since its inception, KAWO has championed transparent collaboration workflows, integrating this principle not only into team management but also into its product development ethos. Over the years, our clients have enthusiastically embraced this approach to social media management, recognizing the value of simplified and transparent workflows in fostering efficient teamwork. It is the unwavering support of our client teams that has enabled us to maintain key features like “single user permissions” within our product offerings.

Yet, over the past decade, the Chinese social media scene has undergone a remarkable transformation. What was once an unstructured approach to social media management has evolved into a more sophisticated operation, resulting in substantial changes in the scale of brands’ social media activities. Some brands, which previously focused solely on “Duo Wei” (WeChat + Weibo), have now expanded their presence to include a cross-platform social media array (“Duo Wei” + Kuaishou + Douyin + Little Red Book + Bilibili) across all product lines. In response to these shifting user demands, KAWO has implemented significant product enhancements.

The evolution of collaboration in social media management lies within the following new feature iterations by KAWO👇

1. From Solo Players to Squad Goals

Back in the day, running the company’s WeChat or Weibo was a one- or two-person job. But now? It’s all about that cross-platform, cross-department collaboration.

Teamwork just got a whole lot more complicated. As a brand marketing maven, we peeped the shift in what our clients needed. So, in 2023, we flexed and ditched the decade-old solo user vibes. Now? We’re hooking up brand clients with multiple user roles and more combos than a fast-food menu.

2. From Brand Calendars to Boss-level Organizational Schedules

Our scheduling game has always been strong, helping brand users and their squads sync up on content schedules. But now? We’ve taken it up a notch.

We’re talking boss-level marketing calendars for the organizational admin crew, making it easy for them to keep tabs on every brand’s social media plans. From what’s dropping when and where, it’s all laid out plain and simple. And any schedule changes? They’re auto-synced, keeping chaos at bay. Learn more,

3. From File Dump to Shareable Media Hub

With KAWO’s Media Library holding it down, users can stash images, videos, and GIFs in one spot. Need something? Just hit up the search using keywords, upload times, or uploader deets, and you’re golden. We’re even bringing in top-notch material from Getty Images and other sources.

On top of that, now here is our recent revamp added some collab features:

  • Brand Owner users can create and manage folders for the brand’s assets.
  • Org Owner users can drop shared folders for cross-organization asset sharing.
  • You can batch copy, move, or delete files like a boss.
  • We’ve leveled up the file search, upload, and preview game for that seamless experience.

In China, brands are placing an increasing emphasis on social media management as the value of social media increases. KAWO will keep its roots and product DNA, while responding to user needs and dropping pro-level features as an industry leader.

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