Chief Marketing Officer

Make Better Decisions Faster

Ensure your brand is on message on Social Media in China.

Disconnected Data

In China, data is split in separate ecosystems – KAWO brings all your social data into one solution.

Inefficient Teamwork

With teams and agencies spread around the world – ensure everyone stays on the same page.

Limited Budget

Marketing in China doesn’t have to be expensive – improve the efficiency & effectiveness to your team.

Run a World Class Marketing Organization

Data Insights

Are your team wasting time with basic reporting? Instead with KAWO, they could be delivering powerful insights to elevate your China social media.
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Hit Realistic KPIs

So many teams set unrealistic KPIs and don’t track progress until it’s too late. KAWO uses historical data to set achievable goals and gives you a realtime view of your progress towards them.
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High Level Dashboards

It’s your social data and we want you to have access to it. With KAWO’s Enterprise API and connector for Google Data Studio, it’s easy to bring your China social data into high level marketing dashboards.


So many companies are sold software that just doesn’t get used and fails to deliver on it’s promise. Usability is at the very core of KAWO and we work tirelessly with our users to ensure they get the most out of our platform.

Enterprise Security

Say goodbye to insecure sharing of usernames and passwords. With KAWO, each user can be given access to exactly what they need and deleted in two clicks if they leave your company.

Increase Effectiveness

The majority of social content delivers few results, and on platforms like WeChat can do more harm than good. KAWO helps your team post more of what works and less of what doesn’t.