Shoes and Apparel Industry

Boost Your Brand with
Comprehensive Social Media Insights

KAWO provides shoes and apparel brands with a powerful social media management and data insights platform designed to make team collaboration smooth and efficient. With KAWO, you’ll tap into a treasure trove of data that reveals all kinds of things about your customers.

Challenges Facing Marketing Teams
in the Shoes and Apparel Industry

Data Collection Inconvenience

Marketing team is usually short-handed, thus data collection and reporting highly rely on agencies. The team is having trouble obtaining data over whole time period efficiently and frequently.

Messy Approval Process

Official posts usually require approval from team members seated across regions and departments. Internal communication and collaboration processes are time-consuming and inefficient resulting in lengthy delays, miscommunication and things falling through the cracks.

Evaluating Celebrity Marketing ROI

Due to the vast amount of scattered data across platforms, assessing the impact of celebrity marketing and extracting insights from social media data to inform content production and marketing strategies can be challenging and time consuming.

Protecting Brand Assets

The team places a high value on brand asset management but lack an effective solution to share and edit materials. They are unwilling to risk brand reputation due to any mistakes made by their execution staff.

Perception and Language Barrier

Content and platform interfaces in Chinese make it hard for headquarters to understand their own social media performance and market trends. This puts additional work on the local marketing team to generate bilingual social media reports.

Inefficiencies in Managing Shared Media Assets

Media assets from overseas social media channels cannot be used directly. Precious time is wasted re-uploading to third-party platforms and then downloading internally.

KAWO Solution

As a leading China social media management platform, KAWO empowers shoes and apparel brands to streamline internal and external collaboration with a one-stop content planning, creating and approving platform. With KAWO, shoes and apparel brands now are able to secure brand assets and improve appetency and resilience of the brands through user preference insights from in-depth social data.

Real-time Account Data

✔️ Access multi-dimensional account data to visualize overall account and single post performance across all China social channels in one dashboard
✔️ Various metrics and visual charts help teams instantly gain clear insights into patterns and trends of content, helping them to plan an execute more effective content strategies
✔️ Bilingual data reports exported with only one click, available in different formats for reviewing and sharing to save your time and effort

Clear Process for
Seamless Collaboration

✔️ Clear planning and scheduling tool available to unlimited users
✔️ Transparent collaboration across teams in real time keeps all stakeholders up-to-date with the latest progress and action items
✔️ Multi-step, clear approval function ensures processes are followed and nothing gets lost in messy email chains

In-depth Content Insights

✔️ Visualize social media content performance, gain instant insights into the most popular content across different social channels by customized categories
✔️ Recreate engaging, viral content with ease by examining user preferences, specific topics, keyword patterns, and interactions with celebrities
✔️ Efficiently support marketing strategies across various social channels and achieve data-driven goals by understanding what KPIs drive business results linked to your bottom line

Transparency and Understanding for Headquarters

✔️ One click to switch between and export Chinese and English reports
✔️ Metrics and data in English help Headquarters and overseas teams gain transparency on performance and build trust with Chinese team
✔️ Global assets translation can provide quick inspiration for content localization

Shoes and Apparel Brands Always See Positive Impacts Instantly After Leveraging KAWO

In-depth insights to user preference

Have a clearer picture and deeper insights based on data about what users would like to see most, supporting social media strategy

Seamless internal and external collaboration process

Real-time and transparent collaboration across teams from planning, creating to approval efficiently and orderly

Secure brand assets

Reduce risks caused by content compliance, clear approval process with authorization and minimize account security risks from role change.

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