Content Library

A Reliable Central
Digital Asset Hub

KAWO provides the marketing team with a reliable central hub for digital asset management, enabling seamless sharing of media assets among internal and external members. Additionally, members can access historical social media data at any time, independent of the data constraints of official backends, facilitating internal performance review and improvements.

Powerful Central Hub
For Media Asset Management

With KAWO’s Media Library, members at different organizational levels can easily locate media assets with their corresponding access. Say goodbye to chaos caused by storing media in various formats and versions; KAWO ensures consistency with brand standards while keeping all historical assets organized. Read more >>

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Accumulate Insights From Historical Data

KAWO preserves all historical social media data for brands, freeing it from the limitations of social media channel backends. Marketing teams can effortlessly compare current data with that from a year ago or even many years ago, laying a solid foundation for campaign recaps, social media content strategy reviews, and forecasting new goals for the future.

Spark Inspiration

Integrating closely followed overseas social media accounts into one interface, KAWO helps you access high-quality content anytime, anywhere. With just one click, KAWO can translate content and archive images for you, sparking creativity and enabling collaboration with the world to maintain creative vitality. Read more >>

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Flexible Enterprise API

KAWO’s enterprise API seamlessly connects your brand’s social media data to your internal data pool, providing detailed social media data and insights through your own dashboard. This allows you to see the big picture and make faster decisions.

Media Assets and Historical Data are Stored Centrally and Safely at Your Fingertips.